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10 Different Types of Fabric Materials for Dresses

The first and most important thing that everyone demands in the outfit is a soft and comfortable fabric. The quality of the dress always depends on the type of fabric in which it is made. There are a variety of fabrics available in the market and each one has their own strong points. Lightweight fabrics are the most admired ones by every person as they are preferable for any type of climate and any occasion.

The dress that you choose to wear should have some attractive designs and an alluring fabric. Some of them are favourable for every season and others are picked according to the type of occasion or climate. If we talk about salwar suits then there are varieties of fabric choices in this outfit. Different types of dresses are made using different materials. Sometimes two materials are combined together to make a premium quality of fabric.

Check out these different types of fabrics that are used to make dress materials.

1 – Silk:

It is a natural protein fibre that is obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of silkworms. There are many different varieties of silk that are produced from the larvae of several insects. The fabric has been used since old ages all around the globe. It is known as Resham in India and is used to make royal and rich dresses. India is the second largest producer of silk as well as the highest consumer of silk all around the globe. Southern states of India are most famous for silk clothes. It is a belief to wear attires made from silk at weddings and traditional festivals. Some varieties of silk are famous all around the globe due to their amazing patterns as well as looks. Wearing silk at parties and events gives you a classy and royal look.

2 – Cotton:

This is the fabric that needs no introduction. The most famous, the most comfortable and the most admired one is the cotton fabric. This soft and fluffy fibre is obtained from cotton plants that grow under natural climatic conditions. The fibre is spun into yarns or threads to make a strong and absorbent fabric that is favourable for every climate and occasion. The use of cotton has been done since the prehistoric time. It is one of the oldest fabrics that has been in use since centuries. In India the manufacturing of cotton has been done since the Mughal period and till now it is one of the largest producers of cotton. Outfits made of this fabric control moisture and gives the wearer a cool and fresh feel.

3 – Linen:

The fabric is made from the fibres of a flax plant. It is a strong and absorbent fabric that has the ability to control moisture. It is lightweight and dries faster than cotton and is one of the most favourable fabrics for hot weather. The history of this fabric is more than thousand years old, which means that it was used even at the time of ancient civilisation. The material can be dyed in many beautiful colours and some adoring prints can also be done on this cloth. The fabric is favourable for making kurtis and other ethnic garments. The material is more expensive than cotton as it takes more time and effort to produce linen as compared to cotton.

4 – Rayon:

It is a manufactured fibre that is made from natural sources such as wood and agricultural products that are regenerated as cellulose fibre. There are different types of rayon fabric that have the same soft and smooth touch like other fabrics. It is primarily harvested from wood pulp and then converted into a soluble compound. Some specific types of rayon includes modal, viscose and lyocell whose manufacturing process and properties differ from each other. The fabric has a shiny and smooth texture and is also light in weight that makes it favourable for hot weather. It has a playful appeal and does not stick to your body.

5 – Chiffon:

The one that is light in weight and can make you shimmer at the party is chiffon fabric. It is a balanced plain woven sheer fabric that is woven of alternate S and Z twist crepe yarns. It is purely made from silk but now it is also made from other fabrics like nylon. It is a low cost fabric that is immensely popular due to its shimmery appearance. It has a delicate nature and a slippery texture and must be hand washed gently. It is most commonly used as evening wear due to its shiny appeal. The fabric is used to make some beautiful dresses like gowns, salwar suits, kurtis and sarees as well as ribbon, scarves and blouses are also made from this fabric.

6 – Georgette:

This one is similar to chiffon. It is also a lightweight sheer fabric that is dull finished. It is originally made from silk with highly twisted yarns by alternating the weft and wrap technique. This crinkly surfaced fabric is made in mainly solid colours and prints. The fabric is named after French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante. It also has a shiny surface that gives the outfit a lustrous appeal. Printed salwar suits made from this fabric are a perfect casual wear outfit. Georgette sarees and some beautiful dresses such as gowns, kurtis and tops made of georgette look pretty at evening parties and events.

7 – Velvet:

It is a type of woven tufted fabric in which cut threads are evenly distributed with a short dense pile that gives the fabric a distinctive soft feel. Velvet can be made from synthetic fibres or natural fibres. It can be made from fibres such as mohair, linen and wool. Synthetic ones are usually developed from nylon, polyester, viscose and acetate. Due to its softness and appearance it has a high cost of production and is associated with nobility. The fabric is found usually in dark colours such as maroon, navy blue, purple and black. It is the first choice for weddings and other special events. It gives the outfit a rich and royal look.

8 – Satin:

The fabric has a glossy surface and a dull back. It is a weave of fabric rather than a material. It’s weave is characterised by four or more fill or weft yarns floating over a wrap yarn. The floats explain the high lustrous and sheen surface of this fabric. Many different variations can be made of basic satin weave that includes check weave and granite weave. The fabrics that are created from satin weave are more flexible and have better draping characteristics than plain weaves. There are many different types of satin each one of them having some characteristics. Some of them are antique satin, charmeuse, baronette, poly-satin and many more others.

9 – Crepe:

It is a synthetic fibre fabric that has a crimped and crisp appearance. It can also be made from silk or wool. The fabric is used in making graceful dresses. It is favourable for summers due to its lightweight and comfortable appeal. It is used to make formal parties, wear dresses and some beautiful traditional dresses. The term crape typically refers to a form of fabric associated with mourning. A beautiful anarkali dress made up of crepe fabric can be a stunning attire for a Diwali party. A ravishing crepe saree detailed with some embellishments and laces will be a great choice wedding functions. Just pair some traditional jewellery with this attire and get a flawless look.

10 – Net:

The transparent fabric is paired with other fabrics to make up a beautiful dress. It is a textile in which yarns are fused, looped or knotted at their intersections resulting in a fabric, having open spaces between the yarns. A net anarkali kurti paired with a silk churidar salwar and a designer dupatta is a perfect reception wear. When you scroll online for wholesale dress material you come across a variety of dresses in which you also find outfits made from net fabric that are really stunning and eye-catchers. It is a durable fabric that is soft on skin and can be worn at any occasion, parties, festivals or events.

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