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12 Activities Couples Can Do During The Holiday Season

The holidays are great moments for couples to give monotony a rest and spice up the relationship in spite of the cold winter. With the pressures of life and the needs and demands of living as a family, it is easy to forget that we live with an ‘Other’ and that cherishing life is not about paid bills but rather moments well-lived. With this in mind, we thought of activities that couples can do to make the holiday season a memorable and unique one apart from the other calendar days.

Play in the Snow

What a way to start the holiday vibes by playing in the snow. You can have snowball fights, carve snow angels or even simply enjoy the snowflakes falling from the sky with each other.

Build up and Decorate the Christmas Tree

As one of the most popular symbols of the Christmas holiday season, building the Christmas Tree with your partner would be memorable and fun throughout the season as you look at it and the hard work you placed in doing it. You can also buy personalized couples Christmas ornaments as decorations. Each one could symbolize a specific memorable event or year to celebrate and look back to for each succeeding Christmas.

Make Warm Chocolate Drinks

Love is always a warm feeling and so is warm chocolate to thaw out the chill in the heart and body. Make warm chocolate drinks together. Along with personalized couples Christmas ornaments, why not get some personal couples’ mugs as well for the holiday?

Shopping for Christmas Decor

Your Christmas Tree doesn’t have to be the only decor at home for the season. Try shopping for decorations together along with other personalized couples Christmas ornaments specific to you and your partner? You can decorate certain parts of the house with them, each signifying a specific memory perhaps you both cherish together.

Make a Homemade Gift

Christmas is a time to give and show to your loved ones how thoughtful you are about them. Try making a homemade gift built mostly out of your own hands with some materials you can find or buy.

Have Pictures Taken of you two

Each year, our bodies change. You can keep track of your relationship goals through the years through yearly Christmas pictures together. Nothing says more about true love that lasts than a wide range of memorable pictures till your older days in fidelity to one another.

Attend a Christmas Play

Remember the time when you were both kids and probably participated at a Christmas play at school? Well, why not relive the days by attending one but this time with your partner? You can talk with each other about your own experiences and enjoy the Christmas carol during the play.

Bake Christmas Goodies

A heart baked with love is a sweet refreshment for someone seeking rest in a cold world and so is a baked pie or gingerbread man cake. If you and your partner enjoy baking, why not spend a day together in making something sweet together for each other?

Look for Christmas Lights together

We all would want our house to be well-lit like the stars during the holidays. You can decorate the house together or even at least go out together and look for inspiration by admiring the other Christmas lights you can find in the neighborhood.

Make an Ornament

Nothing is more personal than something you made. If you can’t find what you are looking for at the store, you can always purchase some materials from them and make your own unique personalized couples’ Christmas ornament.

Breakfast in Bed

We’ve always wanted to experience breakfast in bed especially if it’s cold and we would rather remain tucked in. Why not prepare breakfast and have it while in your soft landscape? Just be careful not to spill anything!

Go to the Movies

Lastly and something easy to do that fits even a work schedule is to watch a movie together. Many special movies premiere during the holidays and it is the perfect romantic getaway for couples in the middle of the working week especially as the holiday offs are still far away.

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