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4 Qualities of an Effective Corporate Signage

It’s easy to spot a poor signage: a wrong choice of font, an awkward size and a poor colour combination. However, when we ask ourselves what makes an effective corporate signage, we suddenly don’t know what to say. Aside from colours, font and size, there are other elements to consider when creating an establishment signage. Listed below are the qualities to consider:
Simple yet attention-grabber

The truth is, you don’t need to have a colourful banner to make it look splendid. The important thing is the letters are visible, and details are attention-grabbers. The type of material is also a big factor because it adds to the overall appeal of the sign. For example, if the corporate signage is made of top-class aluminium then it can automatically look luxurious.

Placed in the right location

Even if the material is excellent, it won’t be effective if it is placed in a wrong location. Make sure to place it at the right height, meaning, it’s on the eye-level. Going above is okay as long as it is a few metres higher from the average eye-level height. If it’s way above this 10-degree angle, then the sign could be unnoticed. Or if you want to introduce your brand conveniently, you can also do car signage in Melbourne.

Experts are already aware of this problem and they can help you overcome it. Given the right size of the corporate signage, your brand can stand out.

Complimenting fonts

It’s okay to use two different fonts as long as they complement each other. In addition, going for the uppercase just because it appears bigger is just a myth. The lower-case texts are still readable from the distance as long as it’s in bold and has the right size.

Great colour combination

This is easy to achieve colour harmony when you work with experts. The foreground must be a contrast of the text to make the message readable. Going for white or black is okay as long as the texts are in contrasting shade. But if you want an eye-catching sign, Melbourne neon signs is perfect for your.