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5 Modified Version Of WhatsApp That Makes Your Conversation Easy

Today, we are going to discuss the 5 Whatsapp Versions which is the modified version of Original Whatsapp that will help you to make your experience better and Interesting.

In this article, we will cover how you can make your communication easy with the help of features included in a modified version of Whatsapp.

Apart from this, we will discuss the drawback of the modified Whatsapp version. This article will give you a guide before installing any modified Whatsapp version on your android phone. So, let’s know about this WhatsApp version.

5 – YO WhatsApp APK

Yo Whatsapp Version is a 3rd party application and modified version of the original app. It is a 3rd party app but you can easily download from many websites.

What Are The Features Of Yo WhatsApp Apk?

Here are some features of Yo Whatsapp that are not in the original or official application. Let’s discuss some features of this application in a simple and easy way.

1 – You can hide single tick, double tick and blue tick with the help of FM Whatsapp.

2 – Don’t need to save any contact number on your phone book before sending a message or any media to another user. You can send a direct message without saving your contact number.

3 – If you are bored by the single type of emoji on original WhatsApp then FM WhatsApp gives you a feature to use Emoji and Emoticons on different platforms.

4 – You can send a file up to 700 MB easily and that option is not available on the official app apart from this you can send edited video from KineMaster Gold apk to Yo Whatsapp.

5 – There are lots of different themes available on this Whatsapp version.

Apart from this, there are lots of features that do not have an official one. Before installing this application you should read this full article.

4 – Aero Whatsapp Version

Aero Whatsapp version is also a modified app of original WhatsApp version that is developed by Turkish developer Bozkurt Hazzar with the help of excellent coding skills.

The size of this application is 68 MB that supports the 4.0+ android.

All features of this application work fantastic and help it’s users to make their chatting experience better. Aero APK a Whatsapp modified version is a 3rd party application that is not available on Google Play Store.

What Are The Features Of Aero WhatsApp Version?

1 – You can customise the home screen with the help of opting different styles available in Aero WhatsApp.

2 – It includes 14 types of style to set on your home screen like WA-Aero that is the default, Telegram, Wamod, WACA, NL Mods etc.

3 – You can turn off the internet with the help of the DND mode feature.

4 – With the help of this application, you can share 10 plus images in a single message that also saves you time.

5 – Send HD video with the length up to 100 MB.

The feature of this app is amazing and interesting that we always want in the official application.

3 – FM Whatsapp Version

FM Whatsapp Version is also a modded version of the original application. We always want something new, by keeping this thing in mind the developer has developed FM Whatsapp. The size of this app is 51 MB and supports 4.1+ Android.

Features Of FM Whatsapp Version

1 – This application allows you to select the best theme for thousands of themes available in the library.

2 – You can easily hide your last seen and all ticks.

3 – Deactivate the video call if someone is calling you again and again.

4 – You can pin 100 chats in FM Whatsapp and if we talk about the original app then it allows the user to pin up only three chats.

FM Whatsapp has many other features that make your conversation easy and interesting.

2 – Whatsapp Plus Version

As we know till May 2020, more than 1.5 billion Whatsapp users worldwide and making official Whatsapp very popular.

WhatsApp Plus comes under the modded version of the original app and is also popular for its unique feature that is not present in the original application.

Android required for installing Whatsapp plus is 5.0+.

Some Latest Feature Of Whatsapp Plus APK

The entire user interference of Whatsapp Plus is similar to official Whatsapp. Let’s take a look at some latest features of this application.

1 – It has more than 700 unique themes.

2 – You can use emoticons of different platforms like Google Hangouts and Facebook.

3 – You can share your file up to 50 MB which is 3x of file sharing via original.

4 – Auto-reply option is available here.

5 – Customise Fonts style and it’s colour very easily that is not available in the original application.

Apart from this Whatsapp Plus has many more features that always mesmerise its users.

1 – GbWhatsApp APK

The Monthly search for this application on google is in million and this Whatsapp Version ( Modified) is not available on Google Play Store.

Gb WhatsApp gives the extra feature that helps to make your UI interesting.

Features Of Gb WhatsApp

Some Latest Features of Gb Whatsapp APK is as follow

1 – You can hide your pop-up notification with the help of GB Whatsapp.

2 – If you want to send HD quality images from official WhatsApp then it is not possible to send in the same quality.

But with the help of GB Whatsapp, you can send the same quality image.

3 – You can hide the voice recording status.

4 – GB Whatsapp is available in many different languages.

5 – You can pin all your chat at your home screen.

6 – It gives you an option to select the best theme from the endless theme option available in this application.

The feature of this application is helpful to ease our conversation and sharing media. But before Installing this application you should know the drawback of this Whatsapp Version.

Drawback Of This All Application

We have already discussed the features of this application above now we will discuss the drawbacks of this application.

1 – Legal Or Illegal

First thing is that this all version is not available on Google Play Store and removed after DMCA takedown.

The official Whatsapp team has said this application is illegal but the official announcement is not declared till now.

It comes in a grey area where we can not say it is a legal application or illegal Whatsapp version.

2 – Security Issue

This all application developed by 3rd party and maybe your data leak if you are using this application.

If you are using this application so be cautious because this Whatsapp version is not 100% safe for users data.

3 – Update

The update is not frequently available for these types of applications as compared to the official application.

Final Word: If you are going to download any modified Whatsapp Version so first read the pros and cons of the app and we do not recommend you to use this type of app because of your data security.

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