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5 Tricks Florists Use to Keep Cut Flowers Alive

Flowers look lovely and they provide a great fragrance, this is why people love the idea of gifting Flowers on different occasions. If you are someone who loves to have a lot of flowers in your garden, then you will find a large variety of options on the online platform. The most common concern that people have is related to the ways that would help the flowers last for a long time.

Some tricks are followed by professional florists for the purpose of keeping flowers fresh for a long time. There are many dealers who provide flower delivery in manila and they use some effective methods to keep the flowers fresh. This also ensures if you gift flowers to someone, then that person can cherish them for many days. Generally, flowers have a short life span of 4-5 days, and they into the trash after that.

The question comes that how do florists keep flowers fresh? Below are some of the points that will help you to do that:

Cutting the stems is important

An easy way to increase the life of flowers that you buy is to cut their stems and put them in water. The local vendors don’t do the proper arrangements of keeping the flowers, but if you buy flowers from professional florists, then stems are already cut. This will keep flowers fresh for many days.

Foliage cutting

Before putting the flowers in a vase, it is important to remove all the extra leave from the base, otherwise, they can cover the waterline once you keep the flowers in the container. The idea behind removing the foliage is to lessen the bacteria that are there in the water.

Choice of container

If you are thinking about how to keep fresh cut flowers alive longer, then an important aspect to keep in mind is your choice of container. The size of the jar that you choose matters a lot. If the shape or size of the vase is too narrow or too large, then it will become difficult for you to keep the flowers fresh.

Change the water

The most common mistake that most people make is that they don’t change the water of vase quite often, this is what reduces the life of flowers.

If you want to keep the flowers fresh for a long time, then it is essential to take them out after two days to change the water. In case you find dead foliage while doing this work, then you need to remove it.

Get rid of dying flowers

Some flowers change as per the changing season, if you see that there that are dead flowers despite the fact that you are taking all the measures, then make sure to remove those flowers. It will make your flower arrangement look better and attractive while dead flowers can spoil the look of the entire setup.

Find the best spot

The kind of place where you keep the flowers also matters a lot. The place where you put the flowers should be cool, shaded, and it should get the direct sunlight. If the temperature is very cold, then it will prevent the blossoming of flowers. You should keep the flowers away from veggies and fruits as it can impact their life in a bad way.

With some of the known florists listed on the internet who are doing flowers delivery in manila, you can go through the product range of different professionals and choose the flowers that you like the most. There are some of the best options that you can find in flowers for gifting purposes as well.

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