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8 Car Maintenance Hacks You Can Do to Save Money and Time

A car is a big responsibility, and for the major repairs and maintenance, you can get an automotive mechanic in Houston if you’re in the Texas region. Meanwhile, you can try these eight simple hacks for the little tasks that you can do on your own rather than spending money and time to get it fixed with your favorite mechanic.

Use the Mighty toothpaste

If you have cloudy headlights, your daily use toothpaste can be put to good use especially if it has abrasives. This ingredient will clean your lights efficiently as well as fill in the cracks there.

Cooling Tactic

Is your car air conditioning broken and your car is unbelievably hot? Here’s a simple hack to do. First, you let your side window (driver’s side) roll down. Next, you open and close the door of the passenger seat. What happens here is that the hot air gets forced out and this allows your car to cool down faster.

The versatile Coca-Cola

Do you have an old car getting rusty? Get a can of Coca-Cola and use it to remove or lessen the rust. That’s better than getting this well-loved drinking from spoiling your teeth!

The wonderful nail polish

Is there a scratch on your car’s paint? It looks hideous, and fortunately, there’s a simple hack for it: Nail polish! Just find a color of it that matches the tint of it.

Use laundry baskets

Let’s face it. The trunk of the car can be the most disorganized space in your vehicle. This hack is simple. Just get a few ordinary laundry baskets and place it in the trunk so that you can organize your things there, for example, one for work, one for groceries and the other for gym related items. This hack will save your sanity and save you plenty of time looking for things.

Hand Sanitizer magic

Winter can be a miserable time for your car. The car door locks can suddenly freeze under a harsh cold environment. Luckily, the humble hand sanitizer can do the trick. With its alcohol ingredient, it can thaw the ice, and you can get in your car and get it heated as you drive through winter.

Say goodbye to dents

Dry Ice is your magic solution to dents. Save some money on mechanic fees and get some dry ice from your local market so you can place it on the dent until it pops out. Use some gloves as you do this to keep your hands safe.

Get a shoe organizer

The back of your seat and the front passenger seat can be maximized by placing a shoe organizer to put things there, such as reading materials like magazines, maps and other things that might be handy in a trip. If you have kids, you can put crayons, some simple toys, and coloring books there to keep them occupied.

Final Thoughts

These simple tactics can save you quite a bit of money in the long run and time as you won’t have to visit your mechanic too often. Best of all, it can lengthen the lifespan of your car and make it look good and new.