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Crucial soccer equipment you should get for your child

Soccer (also known as football in other countries) is one of the most popular sport in the world. It is catching the attention of the younger generation and attracting more and more Americans towards it.

The Major Soccer League in a pursuit to expand the sport brought in global superstars like David Beckham, Thierry Henry, Kaká, David Villa, Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic which attracted the younger generation towards the sport. The recent success of the United States Women’s National team in the 2014 and 2018 world cups (win) has also aided in growing the popularity of the sport. Girls now look up to the American Women Soccer players (Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, Cali Lloyd) and want to become like them one day.

The younger generation is taking keen interest in the sport and want to take it up professionally over other sports. But just having the desire is not enough. Along with the desire your child should learn and excel at soccer and for that to happen you should provide the necessary coaching and equipment to play the sport.

Here are the crucial soccer equipment you should get for your child:

1 – A proper soccer uniform

A soccer uniform consists of a soccer jersey and soccer shorts. The soccer jersey and soccer shorts are made out of polyester. This makes them very light-weight and gives them their moisture-wicking and quick drying properties and also gives them their strength. The fabric is breathable and keeps the wearer cool and helps them survive the whole match. The soccer jersey and soccer shorts both have a relaxed fit. This means that they are not too tight and not too loose. This fit and elasticity of the fabric enables the players to run and move freely. The uniform does not act as a hindrance and instead aids and helps players perform better. SO make sure that you always get your child the right soccer uniform.

2 – Good quality soccer cleats

Soccer cleats hold a lot of importance and play a crucial role in the player’s performance. They are one of the most important components of a child’s soccer gear. Soccer cleats are very different than your regular shoes. They are made to be light-weight and their shape aids the kicking and controlling of the ball. Soccer cleats have spikes underneath them to provide exceptional grip to the players. They help players in running, jumping, kicking, controlling, passing and helps them stay on their feet. They elevate a player’s performance and make a lot of difference. Which is why you should always get your child good quality soccer cleats.

3 – Strong shin guards and socks

A shin guard (also known as a shin pad) is a piece of safety equipment worn on the player’s shin to protect them from sustaining any injuries. As soccer is a sport that requires the use of a players feet, the shin area becomes the most vulnerable part to sustain hits and knocks which makes a shin guard very important.

A good quality shin guard would be the one that is lightweight and sturdy. You might get cheaper shin guard options that are made of different cheap materials (plastic), but you should try to purchase shin pads that are made out of strong fiberglass or polyurethane. Soccer socks are also something that you should purchase. Soccer socks are long stretchable socks that are knee-length. They are important because they keep the shin guards in the right place.

They also offer some extra protection to the knee and the leg and also prevents grass burns (because of tackling on the grass).

4 – An official soccer ball

Now all of us know that your child’s coach or academy will not ask your child to bring his or her own soccer ball. But your child should have a soccer ball of their own. They should have one at home so that they could practice their ball control skills without going out to the academy. Having a ball makes it easier for them to practice and we all know that practice makes perfect. Get your child an official soccer ball. The official soccer ball is made of synthetic materials and has a rubber bladder in between. The official size is the size 5.

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