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Does YouTube count views without an account?

View counts on YouTube is one of the two most important aspects required for monetizing your channel. This is why there are so many confusions and questions regarding how it works.

A lot of YouTubers want to increase YouTube views. However, at some points they face many issues related to that. In this article, we are going to answer some of the common queries regarding the same.

Does a view without an account count?

To answer the main question, let’s know what YouTube views mean first. YouTube views show how many people have watched your complete videos. You can always check YouTube analytics to see how your video is performing.

Now, coming back to the question and to know if view counts on YouTube without an account. Yes, YouTube counts the views even if the video is watched without an account. This is because the YouTube algorithm counts the views from the IP address.

Although you can use the same IP address 2-3 times, there are some time limitations. In order to increase YouTube views, you should use it in the intervals of 10-12 hours. Refresh the IP address first and then use it again.

How does YouTube count views?

Now, you should know how YouTube count views in order to resolve any confusion that may arise. It might seem a simple task, but with social media nothing happens to be a straight path.

To detect the faulty accounts, view counts on YouTube go under thorough analysis. It is important as it is a huge platform and people might violate the guidelines. That is why, YouTube checks the authenticity of a channel time and again.

1 – Just clicks are not enough

Remember all the clicks do not matter and increase YouTube views. This means that if an account clicks on your video and then clicks back, it doesn’t count as a view. There’s a complete time limit and analysis to count a view.

View count on YouTube at least requires a time period of 30 seconds spent on watching the video. This is the least timing and for some long videos, it might not even work.

2 – Validation of views

A lot of default accounts use bot accounts to increase YouTube views. In order to make sure that the views are not coming from these accounts, YouTube has its own process.

For sometime after you publish the video, YouTube has a time barrier. In that period view counts on YouTube don’t increase right away. After that time passes and YouTube gets assurance, you can see a rise in the views.

3 – YouTube’s view count algorithm

YouTube has the most complex algorithm to understand the view count on YouTube. Sometimes, people watch a video over and over again if they find them good. That is why, at some point there is no increase in YouTube views.

However, you can try some tests on your own video by using different IP addresses but the same account. See the time limit after which your view becomes countable.

4 – Tracking accounts

Sometimes people buy views but it doesn’t increase YouTube views count. Accounts which switch between different videos without using any URL or other valid ways got detected.

The actions which can’t be read by YouTube become tricky. Therefore, understand that YouTube tracks accounts. Also, if that account is watching all the videos for the same time limit, then it is considered as a bot account.

5 – Skip watching

Sometimes people think skipping and watching stills increase YouTube views. However, this is not the case. Though it is possible that some legitimate accounts do the same. It happens when people want to reach their favourite part of the video.

In this case, YouTube sees the activity of the account and makes sure that the account is legitimate.

6 – Frozen counts

Sometimes to check the authenticity of the content, YouTube freezes the view count on YouTube. However, when YouTube unfreeze the account, you can see a direct increase in YouTube views.

In case, YouTube detects a problem then there are chances that the view counts can decrease too. So, do not panic if your views get frozen out of a sudden and you have not violated any guidelines.

7 – The 301 line draw

When a video reaches 300 views, YouTube usually runs an authenticity check on the content. It freezes view count on YouTube for sometime, as it is considered that your video has the ability to make an appeal.

Once it is found that the video doesn’t have anything objectionable, the views count increase. It happens because YouTube keeps adding the views but does not show them until it’s proven okay.


This is how YouTube views are calculated and checked. With these answers you can now work on your viewership and content. Also, you will be able to understand how the YouTube algorithm works.

Increase YouTube views by knowing how you can boost your YouTube video. It will help you to expand your reach and gain more views.

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