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Facebook rolls out new feature that will make your life more peaceful

Can you imagine life without Facebook? The social media platform has changed the way we live by introducing several key features over the years. However, there are times when it can be a bit annoying too. Facebook has tendency to push out a lot of notifications with users having no control over them. But, that has changed as of today.

The social media giant is launching a new feature called “Quiet Mode” that will allow you to minimize distractions by muting the app’s push notifications for a time frame you specify. Facebook announced the new feature through its newsroom, saying that it will allow users to set boundaries around how they spend their time on Facebook as they adjust to new routines and to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The users will have two options to choose from. They can either turn on or off Quiet Mode as needed or schedule to it run automatically at designated times. If the users open the app during Quite Mode, they will be reminded of the mode.

The controls for Quiet Mode will be found in a new section on Facebook where you can view other data about your time spent on Facebook’s platform. The users will be able to see charts showing the time they have spent on the social media platform on daily basis.

Facebook introduced its first “time spent” charts back in 2018, but their appearance has changed to better match the style of this new “Your Time on Facebook” section, rolling out today. Facebook has also now added more analysis, including new week-over-week trends, the time of day charges, and the chart displaying the number of visits.

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