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Have you ever come across subscription forms?

Did you notice websites asking you for membership?

All of these are examples of paywall content!

These days’ publishers use the paywall content to ensure effective content marketing.

A simple monetization strategy and SEO resources can help in gathering customer attention but have you ever thought of how to retain those customers?

The answer is very simple – you can do this by offering your customers the privilege of becoming members of your business community or through Paywalls.

What are the types of Paywall?

1 – Hard Paywall

This kind of Paywall offers the customers to view two or three articles free and then demands a paid subscription. This is a very risky technique because there are many chances for an increase in bounce rates of readers.

2 – Premium Paywall

This means that visitors can read a few articles over the website, whereas the premium content stays reserved for members exclusively. This is the most common strategy used by publishers because it helps them to strike off-balance between free users and paid users.

3 – Metered Paywall

This allows the visitors to read up to five, ten, or fifteen articles depending on the user requirement before displaying a subscription option. Publishers use this type of Paywall when they are determined to personalize their user experience and help them figure out the kind of content they are looking for.

Why publishers use a Paywall for content?

There are three main reason publishers use Paywall in their content in their business:

Effective marketing pay wall boosts content marketing and helps publishers advertise their hustles with ease.

1 – Profit

Profit margins increase significantly, when customers become subscribers.

2 – Wider audience

It becomes easier for publishers to address larger audiences once they have a good ranking and sufficient users.

One of the main reasons why publishers use Paywall is to receive a better rank in search engines. Preferably, all of the website owners and publishers use the method of flexible sampling to get a good rank.

What is flexible sampling?

This is a method where business owners decide how much amount of free content they need to provide to their users and what will be the time.

These days’ publishers have come up with the new technique of “a lead in” where a user has to pay to continue reading a particular article.

Even though Paywall content has its advantages, we cannot ignore the impact it causes over SEO.

Here are some of the general impacts:


1 – More scope for SEO content

When you optimize your content as per SEO, you receive a good response from customers and a high rank from search engines. Hence, there are many chances for users to opt and avail of your services. You can earn a good profit out of it when you use different Paywalls depending on your business.

2 – Secured content

By applying a Paywall to your content, you can secure it from hijackers and third parties who steal SEO related content or create identical pages to decrease your rankings.


1 – The decrease in the number of visitors

Let us say you own a website and recently you have published a few blogs. You allowed some of your blogs to be available to your users, and the rest of them are premium. Do you think every visitor who visits your website shall opt to be a paid subscriber?

No, they will not!

Many people do not like the idea of paying money just to use or read the internet content. No matter how hard you collect keywords and optimize your website as per SEO trends, there are many chances that visitors might not consider your website seriously.

2 – Poor user experience and ranking

Ranking depends on the number of click rates, but when the customer gets to know that the same paid content is given off free through “side doors” like links, there are chances that he/she might choose to opt-out from the membership. Gradually the click rates of the website decreases and the ranking hits the bottom line

3 – Limited audiences

There are many chances that you might have restricted audiences because you cannot expect everybody to pay for your content over the website and gain access to it. Additionally, be prepared to receive a negative response for your worker Pay wall content.


These days some companies provide affordable SEO packages and suggestions on Paywall content. If you have a good budget, availing these services can be a great option.

Undoubtedly, using Paywalls and SEO efforts go hand in hand for most of the website owners, depending on their business. However, it still lies in the hands of publishers to ensure that they apply Paywalls only after consulting with experts.

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