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How Carhartt transformed the classic trends and became a favorite clothing brand in 2020

In the United States of America, you will see a multitude of brands showing their authority and dominance with unique products but only a handful of these brands have a deep-rooted history dating back to over hundred years.

Carhartt, a famous clothing brand that dates back to the late 1800s is renowned working clothes manufacturer and supplier from Dearborn, Michigan. The brand designs a wide range of working clothes that keep the labors and workers safe from challenging work environments, injuries, and burns.

While the brand’s main aim is to offer quality and affordable working uniforms for the people, the brand has not restricted itself to just a single niche. Carhartt wholesale believes that even hardworking people deserve a little bit of tune up in their uniforms.

If you happen to swing by their store or visit their shop online, you will find a variety of products ranging from clothes, accessories, and other things, etc. Over the years, the brand has targeted a bunch of industries for uniforms, and sold over a billion of them in all these years.

Research and studies suggest that the brand has an estimated worth of about $800 million and has managed to provide valuable products with quality craftsmanship that you will not find anywhere else.

Something weird happened a few years ago

Back in 1992, when Carhartt was a little more than a hundred year old brand from Michigan, famous for selling high-quality coveralls and jacket, the brand sold its cotton-based rubbed duck with multiple seams and rivets. The clothing was designed to keep your tools and accessories in one place, while giving you comfort to perform challenging tasks.

Carhartt jacket has been a fan favorite from many years and is a leading choice for railroad workers, construction workers, engineers, oil-field workers, etc. The shift was experienced for fashion purposes and not work purposes.

By the time Carhartt was making waves with its durable products, its jacket had already been leading the charts in the workwear market. But its transformation from a workwear to a streetwear was a surprise blow to many.

By the end of 1985, famous personalities and drug dealers were wearing Carhartt jackets as a staple in the winters for layering and protection. The jacket’s sturdiness and reliability was embraced by many and caught the attention of a few street kids who thought that the jacket was cool.

The kids saw the drug dealers and mobsters on the street wearing Carhartt jackets because it allowed them to stay comfortable and enable them to carry a wide range of products and money in their pockets. By the end of 1990, record-label companies were using Carhartt for business promotions and celebrity endorsements and offering a mammoth-worth of money to the brand.

According to Christina Belmont, a publicist and fashion enthusiast from Santa Monica, California, “the brand sales surged almost immediately.” But the surge in sales were not just restricted to a couple of months, Carhartt exponentially grew in the streets, and in the hearts of the people – reason being their attitude towards the customers, their fluidity in the products they offer, and over-the-top customer services.

To everyone’s surprise, it was not just the drug dealers that made Carhartt the brand we know today. In 1990, denim clothing experts Jerome and Jeremy struck a mind blowing franchising deal with Carhartt in the United States to take the brand to Europe.

Once Carhartt was brought in to the streets of Europe, the elite and custom-made uniforms were sidelined and everyone started wearing Carhartt. In Europe where the fashion is more vibrant and colorful, Carhartt had no problem getting sponsorship deals and branding opportunities from different brands.

The brand wholeheartedly accepted the glitz and the glamor of the European fashion and was soon seen in the newspapers, magazines, billboards, and even on pamphlets, etc. In the United States, Carhartt was bold enough to introduce a variety of other clothing options.

From coveralls and overalls to workshirts, caps, beanies, hand gloves, and other products made Carhartt a global leader in the uniform market. Its market reach became wider when it hit the European market, and soon the brand moved from Europe to Asia.

Today, Carhartt is truly a global leader in hardworking uniforms, and as its motto suggest it offers hardworking clothes for the hardest working people.

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