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How Coronavirus can bring a revolutionary change in India

Coronavirus, a deadly pandemic has become a curse on the world. The world is undergoing drastic economic depression. The wounds given by the Coronavirus doesn’t seem to heal the economy sooner than a year. Standing still with great strength and courage, we all are trying best to obey the rules given by our government.

Though spending time in isolation and quarantine is tough but with patience, we are still making our lives. However, interestingly, the significant part that holds more value is the condition after Coronavirus. From economy to common people’s ordinary life, every bit of this worldly umbrella is surely to be affected.

Drastic transformations are yet to be witnessed but before seeing it in reality let’s predict what possibly can be the changes that can occur in several facets of the world.

1 – Indian domestic Chinese industry: Coronavirus, an outbreak has shaken the shackles of the economy and society. Due to the presence of this airborne disease, many on-going businesses have stopped working. Unemployment is on the rise, increasing death cases and positive Corona cases have created a sense of fear and horror in everyone’s mind. Stocks are suffering to a large extent and apparently, it’s a dark age of all the business. Be it small, medium or large size, the minting money machine has witnessed a setback due to less number of driving force. It’s quite distressing but hopes have not faded away from expecting a bright future. Importantly, what can be the best future that might’ve stored for the businesses.

With the boycott of Chinese products in the market, be it manufacturing, smartphones, toy or automobiles, some industries surely to receive a U-turn. Indian markets will witness a boost. Possibly, rural industries similar to Gandhian days can be accelerated and more employment can be generated through rural development schemes. In urban areas, people will have relied mainly on the labour.

2 – Soft industries: Infact, on the soft industries including entertainment, dark black clouds have been gathered. Movie buffs who used to spend their leisure time in the cinema halls by watching films. People’s entertainment has been reduced to a tiny medium that is smartphones. Days when we used to feel the pleasure while sitting in a cinema hall, hooting and clapping. A significant change that can possibly be occurred will be in the new way of watching films.

While watching 3D films, we used to see the characters, scene closely but it seems that if the virus doesn’t remove from the air, days are not far away when we start watching 3D films are digitally through glasses.

3 – Healthcare: Health care industry is booming. With the coronavirus in the air, the level of consuming medicines has been increased. Though still danger is on the health personnel while treating the patients. People who hardly used to get their health check-up done.

While entering into this field, students enrolling to the medical field will be awared of a fact that their lives can also face dangers while treating their patients.

4 – Fashion industry: Until lockdown opens, fashion houses are also Masks have become new entrant in the industry. Colourful masks will become a fad if Coronavirus persists. Designers will have to invest their energy in creating the designs that can complement their attires with fancy masks.

5 – Media Industry: Media industry is on a road to a complete change. Possibly, the reporters who passionately used to work will be wearing a protected suit to cover themselves from the widespread air-borne disease. It might be possible, it becomes a strenuous job for them to cover a particular story.

Infact, the people who used to opt for this field with a thought to get fame by showing their faces on camera will need to re-strategise and re-frame their career plans. It will not be merely a field for good looking faces and it will allow everyone to express their opinions about any issue.

In conclusion, it can be said that the presence of this deadly disease will surely bring revolutionary changes in society. Interestingly, our dedication and patience towards a brighter future will be static towards becoming a superpower in the future.

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