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How much does wedding photography in Somerset cost?

Photography plays an important role when it comes to W-day. Though you might get numerous numbers of pictures of the day from your friends and family, only a photographer can give you the quality pictures of the day that will help you in making your day more special and whenever you see these photos, you will remember the most beautiful day of your life.

As you know a photographer plays an important role in a wedding therefore hiring a photographer is necessary but at the same time budgeting is also an important element when it comes to hiring a Bristol wedding photographer. When it comes to spending an amount, it is quite tricky to decide how much you should spend.

There are several factors that are crucial in deciding wedding photography cost!!!

Quality and experience

Of course, the level of quality and experience is what decides how much amount you want to spend. Just like other services, the more you have to pay, the better the quality services you can get. Though remember that higher the cost does not always mean better services. You have to look for the quality of services they have provided to their past clients as well as their experience to know what kind of services they provide. You might be ready to pay more but it does not mean that you will get great quality services or you may not get suitable quality equivalent to the cost that you have paid.

Do you sometimes choose a photographer with less experience also helps you to get better quality services and of course at a lesser cost but don’t forget to look at the portfolio of the photographer?


Location is one of the most important factors that play an important role in deciding the cost of wedding photography. The regional differences between the places reflect on their packaging cost. You might feel that your photographer is asking for more money from those couples who are living in other cities for the same quality services. This is because of the location reason and different packages cost in different areas.


The time that a photographer spends on wedding photography also plays an important role in deciding the cost that he/she will charge. When you contact wedding photographers, you will get to know the package they will be going to charge on their services.

The pricing and the package structure

As you know there is no standard package that all the photographers offer. The cost of photography depends on several factors therefore there is no fixed cost.

Some photographers charge more for extras like for an additional assistant photographer while others might not change any additional fee and everything is included in the package.

Remember that different photographers structure their packages differently. Don’t just make assumptions just based on the price that has been mentioned there on the website. Compare photographs in addition to what the package includes to decide the right Bristol wedding photographer.


Skills are also a huge factor that decides the cost of wedding photography. Do you know you might find two and more photographers who are offering the same services at the same cost? But the difference lies in the skills that the photographer has.

The quality and consistency of the photographer make you ready to even pay more. Don’t forget to check the portfolio of the photographer to get an idea about the clicks that the photographer clicks. This will help you to know the style of their photography as well as the skills therefore, you can decide in a better way that whether the photographer is the right option for you or not.

Should you negotiate?

Though you can try to negotiate the wedding cost most of the time the photography costs are set in stone, therefore, you have lower chances to negotiate it. While in most cases when it comes to wedding photography, negotiation does not work. Though you can try once to save your amount.


Wedding photography Somerset cost plays an important role as a couple spends almost 10% of the wedding cost just on photography so make sure you get the right quality services at the lowest possible cost.

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