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How to Choose a Wedding Ring for Men?

Destroyed the idea that only women should get princess treatment on their big day! Men are often sidelined on their weddings – and women tend to get away with it by doing to the bare minimum. There are always exceptions of course, but it’s also better to be more mindful of your significant others’ desires and needs – whilst keeping your own aside, once in a while.

Thus, here is how you can choose a wedding ring for your man – payback by picking something endearing after having received a spectacular proposal.

Know Your Man’s Style

Your partner will be donning their wedding ring for most of their life. Thus, knowing their sense of style can help you narrow down the choices – especially since there already is a plethora of stones, material, and designs. Ask yourself and notice whether he is a fan of gaudy or minimalistic jewelry, or if he likes traditional or modern designs? Finally, you may also ask him whether he could handle something delicate or robust given the type of job or the orderliness that he may possess.

Picking the Ring’s Material

Of course, personal preference plays a bigger part in this area again. But if you would like to go something durable, coordinates with your significant other’s ring or simply prefer something looks eye-catching. Here is a short overview of some common rings’ materials for men (provided by Emily of Fergus James, a celebrity diamond ring designer offering a wide range of engagement rings for men):

Tungsten: hypo-allergic, cheaper, and anti-wear and tear, with the lustrous look of silver and platinum.

Stainless Steel: super durable, can be cleaned easily thus you can wear it wherever you go – even in the shower! It may be allergic to a few.

Gold: comes in multiple colors such as white, rose, and yellow. It is durable, valuable, and malleable. I top choice more most jewelry enthusiasts.

Silver: more expensive, classier but stunning.

Platinum: hypoallergenic, durable, fancy, fairly pricier.

Ceramic: durable, light-weight, hypoallergenic, more creative, and color options.

Titanium: light-weight, popular, and resistant to temperature changes – thus, perfect for men working in extremes of temperature changes.

Cobalt: glistening and unique shine, malleable, but may cause atopy.


Matte, Polish or Combination

Once you have decided on the material, you can choose the finish you would like. Most men prefer a matte finished ring because of their sleeker and modern look – especially they are opting for silver platinum, titanium, steel, or ceramic rings. Polished rings are picked by men who do not shy away from a little attention caused by the reflection of the band. Or you could opt for a combination of the two.


There are several options that you can consider to upgrade your basic wedding band – this again comes down to your preferences, or if you would like to have twin rings with your partner.

Engraved Rings – You may like intricate or minimalist details on your wedding band. Or you could opt for a heartfelt, personal engraving at the back or inside your wedding ring. There was a popular trend of getting your significant other’s ECG or voice recording engraved.

Stones: if you are someone who adores gemstones like diamonds, you may have them beautifully placed in your wedding band. There are several designs, settings, colors, cuts, and carat sizes available. These especially compliment twin rings, where the same type of stone is used in both the bands.

Choosing the Width and the Fit

Depending on the shape of your finger, the material used, personal and professional preference you can choose your wedding band’s width. Thicker wedding bands look better with materials that aren’t as durable, but look equally appealing – and look better on stouter fingers.

Thinner bands compliment sleeker and longer fingers. They are also great for professions that aren’t very tolerant of wearing jewelry.

Finally, choosing a comfort fit is usually preferred, but you should choose a standard fit for most ring materials that are not resizable. Thus, wearing your ring and checking if it fits well is important before purchasing it.

Bottom line is that you have several options when it comes to choosing the best wedding ring. But a lot of this decision fatigue can be avoided by having a clearer sense of what is it that you may like, the maintenance habits you can keep up with, or what are your professional requirements.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this useful information. Actually, I’m getting engage soon and I don’t know which ring should I buy for my partner. Can anyone suggest to me, Which type of Ring looks perfect for an engagement occasion?

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