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How to choose the best nursery school for your children?

No one is going to take care of our son like us, but sometimes, due to work or family imperatives, it is not possible for us to remain with him as long as we would like. The options are not very numerous: we can leave the child with a family member, hire a person to take care of the child while we are absent, stop working or find a suitable centre for them.

When to take the child to a nursery school

Schooling is not compulsory until 6 years, but, given the evolutionary moment in which they are, it is convenient for children to attend at least the second cycle of Early Childhood Education. The child needs to learn new things every day and, when he begins to overcome his absolute dependence on the parents, he also needs to start his own life as a group.

Choosing the most appropriate centre for our child may seem simple, but when it comes to the truth, many doubts often arise. One of the first major decisions will be to choose between a private centre in which the monthly payments will be higher, the hours are usually more extensive and flexible and with a certain ideology. Or a public one in which you pay less, you have stricter schedules and more vacations, and in which the education provided is secular.

The keys to choosing a nursery school

The physical conditions: It is important that the child finds a comfortable, safe and familiar environment, either in a nursery school or in a school that has specific facilities for students of this educational stage, where they do not feel overwhelmed by macro spaces nor invaded by the energy of students of higher ages.

The facilities must be spacious, bright, ventilated and easily accessible: the furniture and toilets must be adapted to the dimensions and needs of the child. In addition, we will ask if the dining room is an exclusive use room to facilitate hygiene and cleanliness, if there is a multipurpose room (music, psychomotor, audio-visual), how they organize the time of the nap, how is the recreation area, if there are enough educational games for everyone, play structures that meet safety standards and elements so that the child can be in touch with nature. And, if you hire the baby sitter the most important thing is to know about her.

Children with special needs

Children must be separated in classrooms according to age, and the groups must be reduced. The teachers who take care of our children must be qualified people, work as a team with the rest of the teaching staff and be supported by a psycho-pedagogical cabinet and even by a doctor, especially if our child has special educational needs.

In our visit we will look at how teachers are directed towards children and children towards them, as well as in the relationship between different educators, thus giving us an idea of ​​the work environment.

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