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How to Increase Website Traffic

Traffic in SEO promotion is the number of visitors to the site for a specific period of time (day, week, month or year).

Actually, the goal of any site is to attract as many users as possible to its pages for the sake of profit. That is why the question of how to increase site traffic is so relevant.

But not all traffic will be beneficial to the site owner. It is possible to talk about the effectiveness of an Internet resource only when visitors not only visit its pages, but also perform targeted actions: place orders, register, call the company, etc. It is important to attract the interested audience to the site, that is, targeted traffic …

To do this, you need to correctly choose the promotion tools. The most effective ways to increase traffic to your site will be those based on targeting.

There are several sources of traffic, that is, the channels through which visitors get to the site. And in each direction, it is necessary to carry out thorough work in order to increase site traffic.

Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Traffic promotion

SEO traffic is visitors who follow links from search engine results pages Google. Users are purposefully looking for information, and accordingly, are interested in it and are ready to consider the proposals of various sites, including yours.

Obviously, the top ranking sites will receive the majority of all organic traffic. In order for the site to rise to the TOP-10, it is necessary to work on its promotion. Although the ultimate goal is not the very fact of bringing the site to the first page of search results, but an increase in site traffic and transitions from search engines.

Traffic promotion is fundamentally different from promotion by position in the approach to the formation of the semantic core (SY). To attract the maximum target audience, the site is promoted not by a dozen requests, but by several hundred, mostly low-frequency.

Since a well-assembled semantic core plays an important role in traffic promotion, when compiling it, you must adhere to the following rules:

1 – The kernel should be as complete and targeted as possible, contain a significant part of low-frequency requests.

2 – For commercial sites, it is necessary to focus on transactional requests (with the words “order”, “buy”, “price”, “cost”).

3 – It is better to make a list of negative keywords, that is, queries for which non-target visitors will come to you. For example, the site only offers new home appliances. For such a resource, negative words will be “used”, “second-hand”.

4 – It is necessary to regularly analyze the statistics of site visits and correct the SA.

The advantages of traffic promotion are relatively short terms for achieving results. A noticeable increase in attendance is observed after 1–2 months of work. However, the method has its drawbacks. It works well for large online stores or information portals, but not very effective for small sites.

Contextual advertising

Traffic from contextual advertising is users who went to the site using links from advertisements displayed on the pages of the PS along with search results or on thematic platforms.

Placement of contextual advertising guarantees that the target audience will see your site on the first page of the search results for the request they are interested in. This, accordingly, will increase the traffic of the resource at times. Google AdWords are the main systems for placing contextual advertising. Basically, you can set up an advertising campaign yourself. However, if you do not have the relevant experience and knowledge, there is a high probability that you will be wasting your money’s value to hire an SMM Expert for your project. We also help to boat your sale and rank your business Digital Marketing Company in Surat.

If you nevertheless decide to independently engage in contextual advertising to increase website traffic, then adhere to the following recommendations:

● A well-composed list of requests is half the success of an advertising campaign. In this case, advice on negative keywords is just as relevant as for traffic promotion. Not worth paying for inappropriate clicks;
● Create ads on the basis of “fewer words – more meaning.” Avoid uninformative sentences.

Give in the ads answers to the questions what, where and how much it will cost. Such advertising will attract exactly the audience that is interested in your product, they are satisfied with the prices and the region. The probability of transitions to the site will increase, and accordingly, the traffic will increase;fill out the electronic business card form so that the link “Address and phone number” leading to the page with contacts appears in the ad;

● Select a landing page that matches your ad text. You shouldn’t redirect all clicks to the main page;
● Set up time targeting depending on your budget or customer activity on the web;
● Set up geographic targeting to show ads only to users living in the territory where your company is ready to provide services.

The advantage of PPC advertising as a way to increase traffic is that ads are only seen by interested users. The first visitors appear on the site within a few hours after the launch of the advertising campaign. PPC advertising is easy to manage. However, this is a rather expensive method. And this is its main drawback.

Display advertising

Traffic in this case gets to the site when you click on an advertising banner posted on the search results page or on some Internet resource.

To achieve the desired effect from display advertising and significantly increase traffic to the site, you need to create a spectacular, memorable banner and choose the right site for its placement.

An ad banner should be created by professional designers and marketers. Graphic content and text contained in advertising should complement each other and encourage the user to click on such a banner.

When choosing a site, you need to find out the number of visitors on this Internet resource, the average time spent on the site, the depth of page viewing, as well as the frequency of information updates, audience behavior (comments, likes, re-posts, etc.), the amount of other advertising on the pages , and, of course, the prices for placing advertising banners. Based on these data, you need to choose the most suitable site.

The main thing – be sure to set up targeting for banner display, so as not to waste your budget, but to show ads only to your target audience!

The advantages of this way of increasing website traffic are:

● more emotional perception of the advertising message due to visualization;
● quick results (provided that the campaign was well organized);
● completeness of campaign performance statistics. If all banners have been marked, then you can identify ineffective sites, replacing them with more productive ones.

The disadvantage of this method is also the need for high costs.

Social networks

Social media traffic is users who came to the site through links from forums, blogs, networks such as VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, etc. Social media marketing allows not only increasing user flow, but also increasing brand awareness, customer loyalty, demand for a product or service.

The most effective and popular ways to increase website traffic using SMM:

● Formation of brand groups and communities: attracting the target audience to them with their subsequent redirection to the site;
● working with the blogosphere: placing advertising materials on the pages of popular blogs, maintaining interest in information, developing discussions in the comments;
● hidden marketing on forums: placing recommendations, reviews about the company, its products and services on behalf of satisfied customers.

Main advantages:

● users will broadcast interesting and useful information through social networks at their own request, practically without the participation of the organizer;
● Trust is at the heart of social media communication. Users trust each other’s reviews, follow opinion leaders;
● It is quite easy to identify the target audience on social networks, since they all join interest groups, subscribe to certain pages, and have completed profiles with demographic characteristics.

All methods of increasing website traffic have their drawbacks. Promotion in social networks also has a minor disadvantage – it is a long-term process. One-off work will not bring any results, so work on social media must be carried out constantly. But at a relatively low cost, you can significantly increase traffic.

Direct requests

This type is very rare, and in order to get it, you really need to have a very interesting resource. In addition, do not forget about the short, memorable site address.

Direct traffic is very rare, and in order to get it, you really need to have a very interesting resource. In addition, do not forget about the short, memorable site address.

Increase site traffic without financial loss

The above are the main ways to increase traffic to your site. Traffic promotion, contextual and display advertising, social media marketing are all excellent methods if your company is ready to pay professionals for high performance. But what if the budget is too small? How to increase website traffic without large financial investments?

Immediately I would like to note that you will not be able to attract visitors to the site and not spend a dime, unless, of course, you are a designer, SEO-optimizer, copywriter, programmer, advertiser and marketer all rolled into one. Therefore, we will consider the least expensive ways and tell you how to increase site traffic by spending your budget wisely.

Stage 1. Preparing the site to increase traffic.

Your site is still doing an excellent job with loads, but what will happen if the traffic really becomes the way you want it? 100, 500, 1,000 unique visitors per day, and this is not the limit. Therefore, the first step is to change the cheap hosting to a more expensive and high quality one. In addition, it is necessary to optimize the code, eliminate possible errors, and increase the page loading speed. All bugs must be fixed before you start attracting visitors, otherwise it might be too late later. For these purposes, you need an intelligent programmer.

Stage 2. Making the first impression.

You were able to increase traffic, but when they get to your site, users immediately leave its pages. Of course, this is unacceptable. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of an attractive design, convenient navigation, usability and so on in advance.

It’s great if your site was originally created with the first 2 points in mind. Then you will not have to spend any effort, time or money on it.

Stage 3. Let’s take active steps to increase traffic to the site.

  • Fill your site with quality content. If it is an online store, then you should add detailed product descriptions, videos, photos, reviews and reviews, and if it is an information portal – unique and interesting articles, infographics, videos.
  • Start blogging. Share what you know with people. And be sure to do this on a regular basis.
  • Create a forum on your website where your visitors can easily communicate, express their opinion, and ask questions. In this case, it is necessary that you yourself actively participate in the discussions.
  • Take up guest posting. The main thing is to write not for the sake of links, but for the sake of increasing audience coverage.
  • Start writing a column on some well-known Internet resource in your area.
  • Do not bypass the services “Questions and Answers” from Google, “Answers” and other similar sites. Answer users’ questions related to your field of activity, help them solve problems without asking for anything in return.
  • Take an active part in discussions on forums and blogs, leave your comments and opinions.
  • Be sure to create official pages in all popular social networks: VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Twitter.
  • It’s not enough just to create pages, you need to fill and develop them. For this:
  • post announcements of your materials with an interesting title, introductory text and photo;
  • add a call to action button in Facebook announcements;
  • Write intriguing Twitter posts that you want to click on
  • arrange contests for your visitors with worthy prizes;
  • offer to get a discount for “likes” and reposts;
  • exchange posts with communities of similar topics.
  • Start making email campaigns. It is one of the most powerful tools for increasing website traffic.
  • Engage in newsjacking, use the news in your field of activity to your advantage. Place on your site not only what is happening in your company, but “explosive” information that will attract the audience to the pages of the resource.
  • Make extended snippets. They look more advantageous against the background of the rest and increase the number of transitions to the site.

Stage 4. Analysis of the effectiveness of efforts.

Site traffic must be constantly monitored using special services in order to correct strategy mistakes, eliminate ineffective methods and look for new ways to increase traffic. Naturally, a logical question arises about how to evaluate the effectiveness of the methods used.

An ingenious formula will help to find the answer.

Efficiency = R / B,

where P is the result, i.e. the traffic attracted to the site, and B is the spent budget. The higher the efficiency rate, the better the result you get with less investment.

And this is far from the only formula that will help you determine the effectiveness of your efforts. You will learn more about the calculations in our article “The cost of attracting customers on the Internet – how is it determined and what does it depend on?”

How to increase website traffic: conclusion

There are many ways to increase website traffic. The main thing is to correctly choose a strategy depending on the specifics of your business and target audience, desired results and budget.

5 tips to increase website traffic

1 – Use different channels to attract visitors to the site in a complex.
2 – Plan your advertising campaign strategy carefully, do not let things take their course.
3 – Always analyze the results using web analytics services and adjust the chosen course.
4 – Constantly develop your site, make it more useful and easier to use.
5 – Contact professionals who know exactly how to increase website traffic in a short time and with maximum efficiency.