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How to Install Blinds in Abu Dhabi

How to install blinds is probably the question most asked by the residents of UAE. With the increased demands in energy costs, many wonder how they can best manage their budget to provide them with the essentials. That is especially true for those who want to install blinds in their homes. The Blinds Abu Dhabi are such unusual types that you cannot afford to miss out on them.

They use solar energy that has been generated in the UAE. The system uses photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity. That makes the order very eco-friendly, and we can think of its benefits over traditional blinds in the market.

Apart from the environmentally friendly, these blinds Abu Dhabi are energy efficient. You will not be wasting much power if you install these blinds in your home. These blinds can make your home look more contemporary and innovative. Your home will look clean, neat, and modern, even if you have these blinds installed.

All you need to do is place your blinds over your windows. As you look inside your house, you will notice that your windows are blocked from view. The blinds come in two basic designs, namely an auto-adjusting and manually adjustable. If you want to change your blinds’ position, you can adjust the vertical or horizontal adjuster.

Adjust the position of your blinds if you have a standard window treatment

You can easily adjust the status of your blinds if you have a standard window treatment. But if you have oversized windows, you will have to buy one-piece or multi-piece blinds. If you want to install the blinds at an angle, you can also use cleats on the window bars to make the blinds stay in place.

Electric cable is required to get these blinds installed. When you purchase the blinds from blinds shops in Abu Dhabi from an authorized dealer, you will receive the electric cable. You will also provide a manual for instructions on how to install the blinds.

Installation is quite simple and easy

● One can check the area that requires it to be covered and insert the blinds into the hole. The window bars must be placed at the top and bottom. Then, include the window bars using an electrical cord.

● After doing all the tasks, you can now install the blinds onto the window bars. But before you do so, you must have excellent sight visibility on the blinds.

● Install the screws well to prevent any damages. After you have completed all the steps, you can now close the blinds and turn on the electric switch. This will turn the solar panel of the blinds on.

● You can now install manually adjustable blinds. If you want to change the blinds’ position, you can adjust the adjustment screws for the height and tension.

● Lastly, there are several shades available for you to choose from. Some of them include decorative and standard dark blinds. Most of these blinds come with casement or roller blinds, which give you privacy as well as a relaxed and comfortable ambiance.

● Just in case you have any questions regarding the blinds in Abu Dhabi, you can contact the UAE’s experts who can give you more details about their products. They can also answer your question regarding how to install blinds in Abu Dhabi.

Different types of blinds available

Buying blinds in Abu Dhabi is not that difficult. This place is trendy among local and international tourists. It is because of the beauty of this place, which is beyond doubt.

It is important to note that there are different types of blinds available in Abu Dhabi. Blinds classified according to type. It is not just a simple blind which is installed in your room. This blind serves as a window treatment that focuses on protecting your eyesight from the sun’s harmful rays.

Another most popular type is swivel-based blinds. These types are easy to use. You do not need to hold the swivel rod, which used to control the sun. On the other hand, these types of blinds are more expensive than reversible and modular blinds.

However, the most common type of blinds in Abu Dhabi is the rigid-based ones. These types of blinds are used for covering both the top and bottom parts. These types of blinds are also considered as your budget-friendly ones.


You do not have to buy blinds just because you want to protect your eyesight. Besides, this is a practical product, and many people love to have them in their homes.

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