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How to Safely Get Rid of Old Tires

You have just changed your tires and are wondering what you should do with the old set – you cannot leave them at your local tire center and neither can you throw them out in your garbage. Most landfills in the United States don’t accept old tires – they do not break down and decompose; rather, they fill with air and rise to the top of the landfill rendering some areas of it unusable. It is up to you to find environmentally safe and creative ways to get rid of old tires – you don’t want to dump them in your backyard where they will take up valuable garden space and be an eyesore. So what can you do? Here are some simple ideas for getting rid of used tires:

Find a tire recycling center near you

Old tires have many uses when they are recycled – they can be turned into fuel, paving material and even mulch for soil. Tire recycling is the safest way to get rid of old tires. Many recycling centers are even happy to send a van to your home to collect old tires. You will be charged a fee whether you take them to the center yourself or have them collected but what you should remember is that there is almost no other way of getting rid of old tires short of using them for projects around the home. However, over the years you may accumulate so many of them that they start to affect the aesthetics of your property – better to pay and get rid of them for good.
You can find a tire recycling center by calling your main recycling center and asking for contacts of companies that are near you that can pick up your tires. City Services and your regional EPA office can also be very helpful. There are some community based projects that collect tires with the aim of reducing tire dumpling – you can check online to see if there is one near you. Whatever fees they charge you will be used towards environmental cleanup.

Check with your local tire centre

There are some local auto shops that have signed contracts with tire recycling companies to provide them with used tires. If you are lucky enough you may find one that is not too far from you. Again, you will be charged a fee but it will be minimal to cover the transportation of your tires to the recycling plant.

Get creative

There are dozens of ways that you can use old tires. The most common is as pots for outdoor plants. You can decorate your patio with plants in tires. Just paint, let dry, fill with soil and then put the plant in. It helps if you can plant a creeper such as ivy – over time the leaves will completely cover the tires and provide a beautiful green for your porch.

Are you handy with tools? If you put two or three tires together and then cover them with a suitable material you can create a great ottoman that will last a long time. You can fill doughnut hole with soft but firm material and then cover everything with a tough but gently fabric that’s thick enough to last a while. This is an ottoman that you can use on your patio or indoors.

If you have small children and a yard why not use your old tires to make them tire swings? They are one of the safest ways for your children to enjoy the swings and they don’t require a lot of doing – a strong rope and a power tool or two will get the job done.

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