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Is Swimming The Workout You Need?

If you’ve been struggling to find an exercise that you like to do and that is effective, you should consider swimming. Swimming isn’t something that people always think of as a good exercise but it’s one of the best exercises that you can do. There are many excuses for not working out in a pool like “there are no swimming pools near me” or “I’m not a great swimmer.” If you haven’t been swimming recently, you might not realize how easy it is to search for “private swimming pools near me” and find the indoor pools in your area.

You don’t even need to be a great swimmer (or know how to swim at all) to begin working out in a pool. Walking in a pool provides joint-friendly exercise that is a better full body workout than walking on land. That’s a great place to start and then check into swimming lessons to improve your skills. Swimming is an exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise because it’s fun to do. From children to seniors everyone can benefit from exercising in a swimming pool.

Heart Healthy

Swimming is one of the best exercises that you can do to maintain or improve your cardiovascular health. A few swimming workouts each week can lower your risk of heart disease, increase the flow of oxygen rich healthy blood to your heard, and keep your lungs strong too.

Low Impact

Swimming can be the perfect solution for people with many common health issues. High impact workouts can cause joint pain and aggravate pain for those with arthritis. This can be extremely frustrating for people who want to exercise for their health but need to avoid workout that could make their health issues worse. Swimming can safely help to build strength, improve heart health, and improve metabolic functioning.

Many people who are overweight have joint pain and struggle to find exercise that they can do which won’t leave them in worse pain. Since they don’t exercise they gain more weight and then have more joint pain. It becomes an unending circle of pain and bad health.

Swimming is low impact and can be done easily, even by people with joint problems, previous injuries, or arthritis. In fact, swimming is the most recommended exercise for joint pain. As your muscles get strong from swimming they will hold your joints in place more tightly and that will actually reduce joint pain and inflammation. Because swimming burns a lot of calories, you will start to lose weight. Losing weight will further reduce stress on your joints and reduce joint pain, even more.

For people who prefer a social setting for their exercise, water aerobics classes could be the solution. They combine a range of movements performed in a group setting. Music is usually provided to make the exercise more fun. The resistance from the water provides a good, low impact workout. For added strength building, foam accessories can be used to provide additional resistance to the water.

Core Strength

Keeping your core strong and healthy is essential to being fit and staying healthy. A strong core will give you better posture, burn more calories, and make all types of movement easier. Traditional core workouts can be uncomfortable or even painful. Swimming works your core without you even realizing it. You get the benefits of a strong core without doing hours of crunches, sit ups, or other arduous types of exercise.

Full Body Workout

Swimming is one of the few types of exercises that works your entire body. When you are walking or running your upper body isn’t getting the full workout it needs to stay healthy. Swimming will provide a great workout for your entire body and burn a lot of calories. This makes weight loss easier. Swimming also builds up more muscle mass throughout your body without bulk. You will get toned muscles and a great core without having to spend hours on the treadmill or elliptical machine.

Working Out Can Be Fun

The best reason to start swimming for good health is that swimming is fun. You will be able to get all the benefits of a strenuous workout while enjoying yourself.

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