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Natural Ways to Whiten Your Teeth with Home Remedies

Teeth plays essential aspect in our personality. White teeth what everyone desires,as it adds to one’s character. People who are more addicted to tea and coffee have faded teeth. There are many whitening agents available on the market but are expensive. Home remedies are readily accessible and reasonable available here.

Home remedies for teeth whitening:

Oil pulling- Oil pulling contains an antimicrobial element which is very useful for skin whitening.Oil pulling helps in killing bacteria, cleaning stains from the teeth. Take few drops of coconut oil and massage the teeth with coconut oil for few minutes, after minutes rinse with regular

Eat an apple- Apple contains vitamin c, it helps in keeping the teeth healthy and active. It helps in teeth brightening.

Crunchy vegetables- Eating vegetables like carrot and celery, is very healthy for teeth. Carrots help in removing stains from the teeth and make it look fresh.

Burnt Toast-Burnt toast contains charcoal, and charcoal is considered best for teeth whitening. But it should not be used daily, as regular use of charcoal is not beneficial for teeth instead it can break enamel. Brush your teeth with charcoal and wash with cold water.

Hydrogen Peroxide-Hydrogen peroxide contains tooth whitening agent. It helps in making teeth white and shiny, using toothbrush apply the hydrogen peroxide over the teethafterhaving dinner or tea. It helps in removing stains from the teeth. However, it is always recommended to use only once in a week, as regular use can make teeth week.

Apple cider vinegar- Mix apple cider vinegar with a cup of water and before doing toothbrush, rinse with apple cider vinegar and water mixture. It is recommended to use this process three times in a week. Apple cider being acidic element helps in removing stains and make teeth white and fresh.

Baking Soda and Lemon juice-Mix one teaspoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of lemon juice, apply the mixture on the teeth and brush it for few minutes. Wash with cold water. Repeat the process two times in a week. Baking soda helps in preventing gas formation inside mouth and lemon contains acid which helps in teeth whitening.

Banana Peel-Banana has manganese and potassium which is very useful for teeth. Cut pieces of banana peel, and with the help of one banana peel rub all over the teeth for few minutes. Wash with lukewarm water. Repeat the process every day for better result.

Orange Oil– Orange being acidic element helps in teeth whitening; orange oil helps in making gums stronger. Apply toothpaste and orange oil on the brush and brush it all over the teeth, repeat the process every morning for the best results.


It is recommended to eat lots of vegetables and fruit for healthy teeth. Natural ingredients are safe, but it should be used in limit so that there no harm is done to teeth enamel.

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