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Showing love and gratitude this National Siblings Day

Last week I was chilling out in my brother’s room, which is also his in-house music studio. He was mixing a set for fun and I was in there listening to it, smiling and laughing with him. Spending more time with him is a definite plus of online learning at “UC Zoom.”

In those moments in his space, I felt compelled to write a piece about him, so I did. He had no idea what I was writing about and I think he would be surprised to know that he was the subject. I am not one to openly gush to my brother about how much I love him; I don’t think that is necessary. I believe we have a quiet understanding about the sort of love and gratitude we have for each other. There are ways that he understands me and I understand him — ways that cannot be understood by other people. There is a particular bond between us.

Perhaps this bond is something other siblings can relate to. No matter how much you fight or how many compromises you make or how long you go without talking or how annoyed you get with each other, there is a bond that typically outlasts much of the drama that you and your sibling go through. I’d say that is a pretty special thing and something that those of us with siblings ought to be grateful for.

Of course, everyone’s story is different and this may not always be the case for siblings. But, from what I have witnessed and experienced, siblings who share any sort of relationship with each other tend to have a distinct bond. One that, at times, can seem quite polar, shifting from feeling completely fed up with them to feeling safe because you know they can relate to you in a way no one else can.

Again, everyone’s relationship with their sibling is different, but it is their own. Whether distant or super close, the relationship you share with your sibling is yours. Remember that.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I have yelled “I hate you!” out of rage to my brother. Not once did I mean it; I could never hate him. I think he knows that, and I think that sort of behavior, and the forgiveness that follows, comes with being siblings. As we continue to grow individually and as siblings, we are learning to find more ways to show gratitude and love for each other.

So, as it is National Siblings Day, we at the Clog thought that this would be an appropriate time to remind y’all who have siblings to appreciate what you share: a bond. To be clear, however, any day is a good day to show some gratitude to your sibling(s).

Having siblings is something that brothers and sisters are fortunate enough to experience. So, here’s a special shout-out to siblings — Happy National Siblings Day!

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