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The Hour of Relocation of Immigrant laborers

The Message is straight that the need has come to relocate the laborers. The coronavirus has left the laborers with no jobs. They have been deprived of the necessary day to day chores and many are left with no income source making them go back to their homeland.

Also, we found out that this is the time of harvesting and many of the laborers go back to their homelands. Where they do harvesting for the season. Which is also not possible, as they are stuck in the cities due to their work.

The states which have maximum numbers of laborers stuck outside of the states are UttarPradesh, Jharkhand, and Bihar. These states are densely populated with low wage laborers or we can say that unskilled laborer.

These states have now started campaigns in accordance of getting their workers back from the faraway lands like Delhi, Gujarat, Punjab, and Maharashtra. But the circumstances of coronavirus have made it little difficult as keeping a check on every individual coming back to these states have turned out to be filled with flaws like train ticket lobbying and a threat to the social distancing as they are coming in masses.

It is assumed that there will be a slight change in the labor laws predefined by the state governments. And new guidelines will be showcased later on while handling the corona impact eventually. Due to these circumstances, any addition to the labor laws will take time as it is not feasible to take action in such circumstances.

But one thing that is going to be impacted by all of this relocation will be the government projects that are going on and are on the verge of completion, for example, the Delhi-Meerut highway and Delhi-Mumbai highway. These are some of the infrastructural projects and many more similar projects are lined up.

The limitations set now by these circumstances will change the delivery dates of such projects. We all know that laborers, semi-skilled workforces are the backbone of the nation. We must act wisely in order to make them sustain these changes that are going in nature and society.

Likely we are seeing that they are on the roads as chances of dying are more in if not done anything and just sitting at one place and wait for the government. We can understand the feelings of the laborers but we have to act as one.

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