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This World Water Day, join Tupperware and become an eco-warrior – ‘Carry your own bottle’

New Delhi: Tupperware is an environmentally conscious and globally loved homeware brand based out of Orlando, US. The brand takes pride in manufacturing high quality innovative and magical products across a diverse portfolio. The water range by Tupperware provides solution for consumer’s water storage and on-the-go needs. Tupperware always endeavours to make a positive impact on the world through its products and firmly believes that every drop of water count.

This World Water Day (22nd March 2020), Tupperware has come up with a campaign – ‘Carry your own bottle’ (CYOB) to urge all consumers to switch to re-usable water bottles and reduce consumption of single use plastic bottles over time.

Water Scarcity is a real challenge and more than 1 of every 10 people on the planet lack access to clean drinking water. Women and girls spend an estimated 200 million hours hauling water every day across locations and therefore it is our duty to preserve and conserve water. One way we can curtail water wastage is by carrying our own water bottles and refilling them at water ATMs, restaurants and at public water stations. In line with this thought, this World Water Day (22nd March 2020), Tupperware’s ‘Carry your own bottle’ (CYOB) campaign will urge all consumers to switch to re-usable water bottles.

A quirky rendition of BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze), this campaign – ‘Carry your own bottle’ (CYOB) aims at creating awareness around the importance of carrying one’s own hygienic and reusable water bottle. This habit will not only help in building a sustainable environment but will help consumers meet their daily water consumption goals.

Here are some attractive and highly useful products you may choose from:

Product 1: Eco Bottle-Steel

A stylish new avatar of Tupperware India’s Iconic Bottle in brushed metal look with a matt finish and anti-skid slip mat bottom. Easy and sustainable way of carrying water and storing in the fridge or on the countertop. Capacity – 880ml priced at INR 1950

Product 2: Aquasafe FlipTop bottle

A perfect option for fridge and over the counter storage, with capacity of 2 L. Ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold and the flip top cap makes it easy to open. The wide mouth makes the bottle easy to clean and refill. Usable for on-the-go because it is liquid tight and hence avoids spillage. A set of two bottles priced at INR 830.

Product 3: Aquaslim

Available in an attractive box packaging, ideal for gifting, this slim and stylish bottle is designed especially for all ‘on-the-go’ needs. Complete with an easy to carry silicon holder, this 750 ml bottle takes care of your hydration needs all through the day. Available in numerous bright and attractive colours, the Tupperware Aquaslim set of two 750ml bottles is priced at INR 550.

Product 4: Cool n Chic

Designed on the theme of waves and drops, this set of two 750ml bottle comes in an attractive box packaging, which makes it a great gifting option. The ergonomic shape and flip top cap make it a highly functional product, perfect for indoor storage and outdoor use. A set of two Tupperware Cool n Chic is prices at INR 650

About Tupperware Brands Corporation

Tupperware Brands Corporation, with Global Headquarters in Orlando, USA, is a leading global marketer of innovative, premium products. After a decade of success in United States beginning 1946, Tupperware expanded into Europe. In 1963, the company had a presence in six European countries and then launched in Japan and Australia. Tupperware also had sales offices in Africa and Latin America before 1970. Tupperware Brands has expanded to almost 100 countries around the world and entered India in 1996. Tupperware brands span several categories including design-centric food preparation, storage and serving solutions for the kitchen and home through the Tupperware brand and beauty and personal care products through the Avroy Shlain, Fuller Cosmetics, NaturCare, Nutrimetics and Nuvo brands.

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