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Tips for improving employee communication

Quora states that you have to identify ways to improve employee communication. The fact of the matter is that high-performing organizations communicate with the employees on priority. However, there are some parameters for communication that you cannot ignore by any means at all.

Making use of multiple channels

When you want to communicate with the employees, then it is essential to utilize multiple channels. The benefit of this practice is that the message will reach the people in time.

Know the employees

You must understand the psyche of your employees. Well, this may sound challenging initially. However, it is not an impossible endeavor. As an employer, you should come up with different surveys from time to time. It will become easy for you to interpret what is going in the mind of your employees through the surveys.

Evaluating the effectiveness of the communication process

When you communicate with your employees, then you do not want the discussions to fall to deaf ears. Well, this is why there is a need to measure the effectiveness of the communication process. You need to have a clear picture if your communication strategy is working or not.

Reinforce the messages

As an employer, when you want to acquire the best output from the employees, then reinforce the messages. The employees must be able to connect to the information that you pass on to them. Once they have the information, it will be easy for the employees to lay out their goals.

Mistakes that hamper employee communication

When you want to achieve the success of your organization as an employer, then you need to get rid of employee discontentment. For example, if an employee approaches the higher management for some issues, and the employer ignores the employee’s needs. Well, this causes distress in the employee. A communication barrier gets formed in this situation.

Next time the employee will not be willing to talk out his concerns with the employer.

When we talk about effective communication, then it can become a challenge to communicate with a remote employee. Let us assume that the employee is awaiting feedback on a project. A bland email message may put off the employee for all times to come.

As an employer, you need to ensure that when you respond to your employee, the message shows clarity.

The different communication styles for effective employee communication

The Passive communication style

When you adopt a flexible tone in your communication style, then it refers to passive communication. Passive communication is all about going with the flow. The setback of passive communication is that it does not lay down a clear strategy to deal with conflicts.

Passive-Aggressive communication style

The passive-aggressive communication style is a combo of a passive approach, but it has an aggressive side underneath. For example, the employee adopts a specific approach to do a particular task. He communicates his approach to the manager.

The manager agrees to the approach at that point in time. However, intrinsically, he does not agree with the approach. The point to note is that passive-aggressive communication may not be the best approach to execute in an organization.

When you talk to your employees, then you need a clear line of action.

Aggressive communication style

Some organizations also adopt an aggressive communication style. The truth is that the aggressive style does not work out in the practical world. The reason is that the employees are now gaining awareness.

Most of the employees are not willing to make any compromises when it comes to their rights. Most employees take the aggressive communication style as an insult, which hampers their productivity. The aggressive communication style is also about directly pointing the blame.

The organizations that wish to achieve success in the long run, do not approve of this approach.

Assertive communication style

There is no denying the fact that assertive communication is a healthy approach. When you indulge in assertive communication, then you address the needs of others around you. The benefit of assertive communication is that you are also paying heed to what your employee says.

For example, assertive communication may sound like this. I do respect your option, but I do not agree with it. Assertive communication is a professional approach that organizations may adopt to talk out with employees.

KPIs to judge effective employee communication

Identifying the parameters to track engagement

What you need to remember is that you can never judge what you cannot measure. You need to track the effectiveness of the communication process in your organization. Once you track the effectiveness, then you are in a position to evaluate the success of the process.

We will look at simple KPIs that can help you judge internal communication. Every organization sends information to the employees. The question here is whether the employees are reading the information. You can have a platform to track the engagement. As a result, it will become easy for you to identify the weaknesses of your communication system.

Now, most HR managers check the engagement by figuring the Intranet logins or email opening rate. However, this only gives you a brief insight into the bigger picture. Let us explain this with a practical example.

An email gets circulated to all the employees. The management can only get an idea if the employees are well-informed by monitoring the links clicked inside the email. It shows that the employee went through the email in detail.

If the employees are clicking the links in the email, it means that they are engaging in an efficient communication process.

Checking the turnover rates

Do you want to check whether your employees are in a comfort zone with you? Are you eager to know whether your employee communicates their thought process to you? An organization can judge the effectiveness of employee communication through the turnover rate also.

When employees are happy working in an organization, then they tend to work with an organization for a long time. The company needs to devise a strategy to monitor the turnover rate.

Keep track of employee advocacy

When the employees are contented working in an organization, then they become advocates of your brand. If the morale of your employees is high, then it shows that there are no communication loopholes. It shows that the employees are in their comfort zone.

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