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Tips On How To Make The Best Photo Of Yourself

During holiday or summer fun, there are often a lot of exceptional situations you would like to take a picture of and maybe enhance them later with a picture enhancer and then post to your social platforms. But what if no one is on hand to help you? Take a picture of yourself! The “selfies” trend, which is self-handing, is currently very popular and many celebrities and politicians share their photos with enthusiasm. We bring you the most important rules on how to take pictures yourself!

Not every time, however, selfies will come out as we imagine. However, you can enhance your photos with picture enhancer, and in the best case just in a little time, it is good to follow a few basic rules that make you always get the best of your photos.

Top Basic Rules To Follow

  • Check it out
  • Light Up
  • Check the background
  • Hold your position
  • Be self-confident
  • Edit
  • Do not be afraid of fun

Check It Out

Just as you look in the mirror before the normal shooting, do it before the selfie. While you can always delete a photo where your hair is unruly or your mascara printed on the lid, why waste time?

Light Up

The rule that applies to photography in general – you need optimal lighting! In the wrong light, you do not have the chance to capture your new outfit, the perfect make-up or hairstyle. A deep shadow can be strategically used to hide some imperfections, but it takes a lot of experience. Also, avoid light that is too hard or too weak.

Check The Background

A good background is a critical element, it must be clean. We’ve all seen pictures that look crazy just because someone was photographed in a bedroom full of shabby linen, and so on. So always check your surroundings to make sure there is no mess that you do not want in your photo. Choose single-colored walls, finely patterned curtains.

Hold Your Position

An obvious tip, but not very easy to implement. Especially when shooting a selfie you can not rely on anyone else. Most of the time, you are trying to think the right lighting, your position and still not to touch the camera. It takes practice, but it does. “If you are having a problem with your camera, then you will appreciate it if it can take shots very quickly. Then you can choose the best photo from the final series.

Be Self-confident

When selfie is not in a shy spot, show off! No one sees you; others will only see the result you are satisfied with. Not only will you enjoy more photos, but you will also know when you are with yourself.


Forget about anything wrong with editing photos. Try the filter for an interesting vintage look or create a collage. Using a filter does not mean you’re trying to hide something or you are not yourself. On the contrary, it may make a special photo, which would otherwise be quite common.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Fun

The last thing you want is to look serious in selfie’s photos. Enjoy your photos, and then your photos themselves will be fun. Try different facials and looks, express your immediate mood.

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