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Tips to recollect when you are buying new shoes

Sneaker or Athletic shoes are everyone’s favourite even if people don’t own it; they have it in their wish list. With so many brands making an everlasting mark in the market, it has somewhat become evident that people are buying loads and loads of athletic shoe. If you are an Adidas fan, then there are some special Adidas Australia coupon codes for you. And given below are 10 tips to help you choose the right sneaker or athletic shoes: –

1 – Know your foot type:

Everybody doesn’t have the same kind of foot arches, some have high arch types, some have a low arch type, and then there is medium arch type. And when it comes to athletic shoes or sneakers, people must know that arch type matters the most. Like, someone who has high arch feet must buy shoes that have cushioning for shock absorption. For people with low arch feet, they must buy shoes that can provide them with the balance. And then comes medium arch feet which are good to go with regular basic shoes.

2 – Define the purpose of buying a shoe:

It means that you must know how and where you would be using your sneaker or shoes for. Because different sports demand different shoe type like a running shoe has a slightly different design than basketball shoes. It is essential to know the purpose so that you can avoid injury and can get maximum support from the shoes purchased.

3 – Know when to replace:

It is something that majority of us avoid, that is replacing the shoe after it has passed its living time. As long as the footwear looks good on you, you don’t seem to stop using it. But if the cushioning is breaking inside, the sole is losing the grip, or the spikes have become blunt or torn off; then it is time you get rid of it. The whole idea of using athletic shoe is to protect your feet against injuries with extra comfort. Studies suggest that usually, people should replace a shoe after a year and if you use it regularly or daily then you should try replacing them after a couple of months.

4 – Maintain a Budget:

Athletic shoes are available in all different prices, ranging from low to high. So, when you have to buy one, you must know the maximum amount you are willing to spend on. Then find the right athletic shoes in the given range, then pick one from all the suggestions you get. Make sure the chosen shoe fits into all the filters you have put given the price you are paying.

5 – Wear socks:

When you are going to buy shoes be it athletic or casual sneakers, always wear socks. If you can’t wear it, at least carry a pair with you. Trying shoes with socks on gives a better idea of the fit and grip of the shoe.

6 – Choosing the weight of the shoes:

Some people have this notion that heavier the shoe, better the quality and durability. Well, this one is not true because the lighter the weight of the athletic footwear the better you can run. So, the thumb rule is to buy a shoe that weighs as per the size of the shoe or less. For example, a shoe with size 10 should be weight 11 ounces or less.

7 – Opt for a test run:

No matter what store you run into, no matter how fancy the showroom looks you shouldn’t mind doing a test run. It is challenging to find the perfect athletic shoes until you have done a test run in it. You can jog around the store or do some exercise that involves footwork to check for comfortability.

8 – Don’t just depend on the brand:

Even if you have been reading good reviews about a brand, but you don’t find the shoe comfortable enough don’t buy it. It is no such compulsion that just because a brand is good for everybody else, it will be right for you too.

9 – Feet change:

Yes, your foot size can change at any course of time so always measure your foot before you walk into a store to buy a shoe. Most importantly try before you buy, don’t just depend on the foot size you know.

10 – Don’t overuse a shoe:

Just because the low-priced footwear you bought looks quite classy doesn’t mean it is going to last that long. So, you should never overuse a shoe just because it looks like the one in the advertisement.

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