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Top 10 Fitness Tools to Keep in your Home

Gyms are undoubtedly fully equipped and can help you do more other than just bodyweight exercises but at the same time, a gym requires expensive membership and fees too. Wage isn’t the only factor, you will have to travel to your gym and if it’s far enough, it will take a lot of your precious time.

Many people love to do their fitness activities at home rather than looking for great deals on gym memberships. If you are also the one then you must invest in some of the best fitness tools and pieces of equipment. Working out at home is quite easier and you can build most of the body muscles by just doing bodyweight exercises.

Upgrade your fitness tool wardrobe this year and make most of your effort, time, and resources invested. No matter whether you want to lose weight, burn calories, boost stamina, build muscles, gain weight or just perform your regular body exercises, you will find these fitness tools featured below utmost worth in achieving most of your fitness goals.

1 – Kettlebell

Kettlebells are one of the best gym equipment for strength training exercises and you must also own a few different weight categories. Kettlebells comes in multiple weight groups ranging from 1LBS to 30LBS and helps you do a lot of exercises. Before investing in these fitness tools make sure they are coated with quality polymer paint otherwise the iron core will be exposed soon and may get damaged by scratches and get rusty too.

2 – TRX Bands

Take your suspension training to a completely new level with TRX bands. Just anchor it along the wall or door and perform a full-body exercise. These bands can help you do 7 foundation workout movements including push, pull, lunge, hinge, plank, rotate, and squat.

The TRX bands made with high-quality stretchable material have been very popular among fitness freaks. The best thing about this fitness tool is that it is very easy to install and use at the same time very easy to store. Take your TRX bands to your favorite workout spot, install it, and start working out.

3 – Dumbbells

Though gyms are equipped with enough essentials, sometimes you have to wait for your turn to access the dumbbells, bars, benches, etc. Bring a couple of dumbbells to your home gym and you no longer have to wait for anything.

Dumbbells are one of the most worthy gym pieces of equipment and can be used for multiple workouts targeting almost every muscle of your body. Metallic or rubber, buy whichever you want and they are cheap enough. Bodyweight exercises are great but adding weights can help you make more of your efforts.

4 – Foam Tiles

Make the working out zone more comfortable by installing foam tiles. These foam tiles not only protect your floor from the weights but also save you from getting injured during your workouts and unexpected accidents. You can also use foam mats but these tiles provide more comfort and safety compared to regular yoga mats.

5 – Gymnastic Rings

Cross fit is considered the best bodyweight exercise and quality gymnastic rings will help you gain more core strength comparatively in less time. Quality gymnastic rings are enough strong and durable that can handle the external load of more than 500 pounds. The rings are made using ABS plastic which is anti-slipping and ensures firm grip during workouts.

6 – Resistance Bands

Take your workouts to a near extreme level with resistance bands. These bands come in different shapes, sizes, and elasticity and can be used in multiple workouts. This fitness tool adds more pressure and loads on the body according to the type of workout and helps you unlock your superpower.

Leg workouts are pretty difficult compared to other exercises and a quality hip circle resistance band can help you perform leg workouts in a more easy way possible. The resistance band activates the gluten muscles as well as reduces the risk of injuries.

7 – Multi-function Pull-up Tower

Performing a few basic bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, dips, and chin-ups can help you gain a lot of healthy body muscles and stamina. Bring a compact multi-function pull-up tower to perform most of the basic workouts easily. The best part of these pull-up towers is that they occupy less area and will be perfect for your small home gym when you are already running out of space.

8 – Jumping Rope

Jumping a rope looks easy but it requires a lot of effort and needs hours to master perfect roping. It is one of the most simple fitness tools that you can even make one at home too. You won’t believe it but researchers have found that only 10 minutes of regular rope jumping is equivalent to a 30 minute of jogging.

When it comes to cardio and strength exercises, nothing can match rope jumping. Made with ABS plastic or simple fiber rope, both variations are great and you can choose according to your preferences. Easy to store, a jumping rope could prove the best fitness tool for your home gym.

9 – Weighted Vest

Make your bodyweight exercises more challenging with these weighted vests. Doing pushups and pull-ups is great but adding weight will help you gain better physique and body strength. But putting weights on your shoulder and doing pushups will be uncomfortable for many thus you must look for a quality weighted vest.

These vests come in multiple sizes and provide great convenience during intense workouts. The cherry on the cake, you can add or remove weights and make it compatible according to the session and type of the workout.

10 – Adjustable Bench

Most of the gyms arguments and quarrels begin for a workout bench, yes you heard right a bench.

It will really make you angry when you have done two of your three triceps sets and resting for a while to complete the last one after and then somebody grabs your bench. Bring your own adjustable weight bench to your home gym and there will be nobody to argue.

Bottom Line:

Managing a small home gym isn’t that difficult when you have access to the best fitness tools and equipment. Building body muscle and achieving a good physique was never impossible and you can do the same by performing a couple of basic workouts at home and without visiting any gym.

If you are having difficulty in choosing the best fitness tools for your home gym then you will surely find this post about the top 10 fitness tools for your home gym worthy. I have done good research and featured some of the best and simplest fitness tools that can easily be included in your home gym.


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