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Top 6 Online Jobs to Earn Money during Lockdown Period

Besides risking the lives of millions of people worldwide, the covid19 pandemic is demolishing the economy. In order to minimize the contagion of Coronavirus, the Government has imposed lockdown on the movement of the mass public. For several weeks, many service holders, executives, business persons, and workers, are staying at home instead of joining the workplace. Nobody knows when the situation will return to its formal pace. In the meantime, some big companies are downsizing their manpower, while some small/mid-sized companies are facing lay off. As a result, many service people are losing jobs or getting deprived of salaries. In this crucial time, we are going to highlight some quarantine income opportunities both online and offline.

Stay with us to know how to earn money during the lockdown period

  1. Online Affiliate Marketing

Do you love browsing social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) every now and then? Why don’t you utilize those platforms to earn some extra bucks? You can promote a product (produced by another company) through any social media online platform, where you can pull connections or followers. You can easily earn an affiliate commission if any viewer buys your advertised product through your posted link. Nowadays, many local companies are offering affiliation services.

Affiliate marketing is an evergreen source to earn money online. Many people are taking affiliate marketing as a full-time profession due to the lucrative affiliate commission structure offered by diverse companies. If you have good writing and/or video making skills with some SEO knowledge you can make constant earning doing affiliate marketing through blog or YouTube.

2. Online Teaching and Tutoring Jobs

Teach online and make your living graciously. You can make tutorials based upon your expertise and promote your social media profile like Linkedin. Start with some basic level courses with a nominal fee or free of cost. If you get a response from the audience then offer some paid courses with advanced level skills.

3. Online Writing Jobs

Do you have a natural spree of writing? If yes, you can work as a freelance writer in diverse local and online platforms. Whether you are a novice writer or an expert researcher, you can find diverse freelance jobs like translation work, guest writing, blog post writing, article writing, academic writing, book writing, research works, etc. Besides earning money, it will endow you with the opportunity to enlighten people.

5. Online Programming Jobs

Do you love coding? You can get hired online, if you have proficiency in any programming language, like PHP, Python, C#, Java, etc. Depending upon your level of expertise and level of experience you can apply for freelance programming jobs.

6. Online Graphic Design Jobs

If you are a graphic designer with expertise in operating common graphic software like Adobe Photoshop, and/or Adobe Illustrator, you can get hired online and earn good money. Many international platforms are hiring graphic designers for small to big projects like logo design, business card design, banner design, brochure design, etc.

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