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Top 9 Suriya movies you can stream online

Actor Suriya made his silver screen debut in the late 1990s with director Vasanth’s Nerrukku Ner. The film followed the feud between families of a divorced couple. Vijay and Suriya played rivals in the movie. In other words, both of them had equal importance in the narrative. A few years later, Vijay and Suriya did a movie together again. Vijay was already a much sought-after lead actor, while the narrative of Friends (2001) tilted Suriya slightly to the role of a supporting actor. In other words, he was yet to get his first break as a lead actor. From a shy actor to a bit of scenery chewer, Suriya’s evolution as an artiste proves the fact that hard work can beat anything, including talent.

1) Nandha: Like Vikram, an actor in Suriya was discovered by Bala. Set on the shores of Ramanathapuram, the movie negotiates through difficult relationships among a group of people, in which each carries an enormous burden from the past. Needless to say, this movie put Suriya on the map, and he hasn’t looked back since. (Available on Sun NXT)

2) Mounam Pesiyadhe: Coming from the school of Bala, Ameer Sultan wrote and directed this movie. Even as he was not as haunted as Bala’s hero, the protagonist Gautham shares some similarities with Nandha. A man who nurtures high prejudice against the idea of love, falling for a “wrong woman” grows on you gradually. Ameer’s mean sense of humour will draw some genuine laughter. (Available on Sun NXT)

3) Pithamagan: Suriya was in top form in the film. Director Bala used his reckless and non-stop gabbing character to contrast the socially inept character of Vikram. He is the fun element in this highly tragic movie. It is one of those movies, which keep you in splits for the most part, and then stabs you in your heart in the last mile of the narration. Classic Bala style. (Available on Sun NXT)

4) Ghajini: There is a condition that resets a man’s memory every 15 minutes and yet, he avenges his lover’s murder. No way. He inks the details of his entire revenge plan all over his body to deal with short-term memory loss. That’s genius. In 2005, we were all floored by AR Murugadoss’ plot until a few years later, we figured out that it was Christopher Nolan’s original idea for Memento (2000). Yet, Suriya brings the originality to the movie. (Available on Sun NXT)

5) Varanam Ayiram: It is a movie that you can pick on a gloomy day and let director Gautham Menon take you away to a beautiful place with his narration. Varanam Ayiram also raises the bar when it comes to the depiction of a father-son relationship. (Available on Sun NXT)

6) Ayan: A no-nonsense crime movie that charms you from the beginning to the end. Director KV Anand does not attempt to justify the hero’s interest in the smuggling business. There is no good samaritan bend to Suriya’s character here. The hero does what he does because he enjoys smuggling things under the nose of the government. He does it for thrills and kicks. And that makes Ayan so much fun. (Available on Sun NXT)

7) Singam: Singam is a by-the-book commercial entertainer in Hari’s style. The film revolves around a cop who follows procedure to the letter, a stark contrast to the vigilante in uniform in the director’s previous cop movie Saamy. It is one of the few mainstream movies that used Prakash Raj’s knack for villainy to great effect. (Available on Sun NXT)

8) 24: Director Vikram Kumar’s fairytale-esque science fiction film is a real surprise. What happens when a kind-hearted, good man stumbles upon a device that allows him to rewrite history by going back in time? Simple, he uses it to make the girl of his dreams fall for him. He also has to stop that magnificent power from falling into the hands of a megalomaniac. More or less, this movie is a retelling of Aladdin. (Available on Disney+ Hotstar)

9) Thaanaa Serndha Koottam: If somebody asks you to name a movie in which Suriya got political, don’t hesitate to pick Thaanaa Serndha Koottam. The remake of Bollywood movie Special 26, set in the 1980s, slowly takes the shape of Shankar’s Gentleman with Vignesh Shivan’s trademark entertaining elements. (Available on Amazon Prime Video)

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