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Top Places to Look for Classic Car Parts

Anyone who is passionate about cars would love to restore a classic car. It is not a project that can be taken on by anyone because it requires valuable time, effort as well as investment. However, the final result is also worth it. If you have decided to restore a classic car and are now looking for authentic car parts, you should know that there are several avenues you can explore. Highlighted below are some of the top places to look for classic car parts:

Swap Meets

These are essentially the traveling circus version of parts for classic cars. Sellers purchase floor space and buyers come to browse the hundreds of tents. Anyone who is new to the game of classic car restoration should consider going to one of these swap meets because not only can you find parts here, but also get a ton of information. Unlike a single-owner parts store or an online auction, a swap meet provides people the opportunity of chatting with hundreds of sellers and meet thousands of classic car fans and enthusiasts.

Brick and Mortar Stores

Believe it or not, in this technologically advanced world, some places still exist where you can actually walk into a store and browse through the classic car parts available. An advantage of these stores is that they enable you to talk to experts about the parts you need and the other places where you can look in case they don’t have it available.

Online Forums

The internet has brought everything right at your fingertips and the same applies to classic car parts. You can also look for them through online forums. There are a huge number of forums that have been designed for numerous purposes and it is best to look for a specific forum dedicated to classic cars. You can easily do a search with the make and model you want and add the term ‘forum’. You can also search within a forum and look for threads about the restoration you are doing. These can also be an excellent source of information as you will come across others who have been down this road.

Classic Car Magazines

Another avenue that you can explore is the classic car magazines that are very popular amongst enthusiasts of classic cars. They are a great place to look for parts as well as ideas when you are doing a restoration. You can buy these magazines from a store or you can also find them online these days. Again, the more specific the magazine is to your model, make or year, the better it is for you. These magazines are also useful for getting how-to advice from experts.

Online Dealers

A quick search on the internet will provide you a list of dealers with searchable databases that you can use to find classic car parts. You just have to provide details about the make, model, year as well as a description of the part and it will be shipped to you in a few days.

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