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Travelling during a pandemic, will it be hectic? Tips and guidelines for travelling

As per the increasing of the virus over the past few months in more than 150 countries, there is also an increase in the risk towards life, especially traveller and obligated people who are more likely to travel during the pandemic.

Guidelines vary from different countries and state, the restrictions may be opposite from where do you reside to where you are travelling. It is better to check the information of the place you are going just before the trip, this way you may not stick in the hotel while a sudden lockdown.

Who knows what can happen tomorrow just like we were taking the china video as fun a few months back, right?.

The most effective way so far is to avoid mass get together, social distancing by at least 2 meters in crowded places, washing hands for 20 seconds, wearing a mask which covers the face properly, avoid the contact of hands with the face, and using the hand sanitizer which contains alcohol level above 60%. One should follow while stepping out of the house.

What are the guidelines for the people who will be travelling in the pandemic?

Traveller and the obligated people who were willing to travel in different countries as a tourist or maybe to visit your native, relative places. There is good news as the international travel destinations that are reopening for tourists and you were thinking of travelling there back in 2019 as a holiday port of call.

But it can be hectic as there are many guidelines you should follow while travelling by any means of transport for personal safety.

Safety measures while staying in the lodge:

Check out the latest updates regarding the lockdown and self-quarantine on the official website of the world health organization(WHO). The seconds most important thing you should check is the status of the destination you are heading, is there any high level of risk or chance of getting sudden lockdown.

If you’re in lodging then check out the responsible measure that hotel is taking such as:

  • Hygiene staff
  • The corridor should not be crowded
  • Room and place is welled sanitized
  • Laundry and food are made by the following hygiene.
  • Social distancing is practiced in the parking lot and waiting room.
  • There should be less contact with the documents as possible.
  • Proper sanitization of the guest room and elevators.

Travelling by Airplanes:

There is less chance of getting infected into the plane because they have a well-circulated air conditioner system.

But there are guidelines according to centers for disease control and preventions(CDC) and federal aviation administration(FAA), which says passengers and the crew should wear a face-covering cloth in most of the U.S airlines.

There is a difference in the system while you are at the airport which is followed by transportation security administration(TSA).

TSA has increased the level of hygiene and the rules following social distancing and screening.

Some of them are:

  1. Wearing masks and gloves while maintaining social distancing by the officers.
  2. For the sake of small screening lanes, there should be few travellers.
  3. The traveller should wear a mask while screening and they may ask for the adjustment of mask for identification by the officers.
  4. Compulsory carrying of a hand sanitizer bottle (350mm) and it should be removed out while the screening process.
  5. Food items should be placed into the bin by transferring it into plastic bags, as the officer can open for screening.
  6. To be more comfortable while screening your personal items should be placed into a carry-on bag.

Travelling by car:

If you prefer to drive away to the local places or in-country ride, here are the tips you should follow to avoid and minimize the risk of getting in contact with the virus.

  1. Try to take minimum holds in between the journey.
  2. Take the necessary things with you such as preserved food items so there will be no way of stopping for the grocery stores.
  3. Most important thing is to carry the disinfected gloves and mask while you arrive at the lodge to avoid contact.
  4. Even if you are in need of lodge or food allow preferring the restaurants over the drive-thru.

Travelling by public transport:

This is the riskiest place to travel by, as they are always crowded, and avoiding social distance will be hard. You have to choose this mode even if you make take a flight. While taking a bus, or train it is hard to maintain social distancing but always stay away from others by 2 meters. Keep hands while sneezing in public places. Avoid touching stands and doors.

If you are travelling by cab services then prefer seating on the back seat and not beside the driver. Try to pick-up all your luggage by yourself only.

–This are the tips and guidelines one should follow while traveling.–

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