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Venus Kitty Club – Divine Path for Bright life

Grace Pride Beauty Compassion or woman similar they are. Women are the pillar of a building, or a nation, to salute the courage, hard work and patience of women ,VENUS KITTY CLUB is always there to promote the inner talent of a lady.

Women are usually engaged in house hold activities and some of them are busy in job as well as in house equally.

For the refreshment ,betterment and to promote their inner talent VENUS KITTY CLUB has been working since last 4 years. Founder of this club Mrs Aditi Sharma, a house wife and a working lady both , has a only motive to showcase the creativity of same kind of ladies.

After conducting so many beauty and talent shows, including fun kitties , now VENUS KITTY CLUB is organizing a contest.

PHOTOGENIC FACE on its private group , with media partner KARWAAN TIMES on behalf of Avantika Dwivedi.

Aditi Sharma is appealing the ladies to join this group and experience a free world of enjoyment with pride and dignity.