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Ways to make your bike last longer!

Riding bikes is a different kind of rush and if you need to prolong that rush for the long run, there are a couple of factors we need to take a look at.

Keeping your bike or two-wheeler its prime form is what you should be aiming at. Sometimes a bike ride can take you where no other car or vehicle could go. It can make you feel like you’re the king of the road. As impressive the bike can be, the bike itself should be taken well care of to optimize its functionality and it’s aesthetic.

These are some of the things you can hear being discussed in the bike community and bike groups. Without further ado, Hoopy Doorstep Bike Service breaks down the Ways to make your bike last longest.

This can help your bike to give a consistent performance and if you’re looking to sell it, maintaining it will only add up its value. Here are ways to keep your bike last longer:

The Right Way of Breaking in Your Bike:

Getting this right step right will enhance your bike performance. Most bike manufacturers test their bikes before putting them up on the market, but it isn’t enough. So they keep periodic services for every number of kilometres finished. Some brands will keep their first service after the bike covers up its first 300kms. Then it increases to 500kms and it keeps varying from there. This way the bike gets adjusted to the environment and the way it’s used. Every brand has its own service period schedule.

Mandatory Oil Change:

This is periodic and varies from brand to brand. After a certain number of kilometres or months, the oil change is required. This ensures the smooth engine running which makes your ride effortless. Most types of oils are recommended by manufacturers based on your bike’s type and brand. Although while the oil lubricates the engine, over time there will be dirt deposits inside which needs to be cleaned out. The same goes for the oil filter.

Air Filter for Smooth Flow:

When the air filter gets clogged, it gets harder for the air and fuel to combine. This ruins the efficiency of the bike’s engine. Air filters get clogged due to dusty and dirty atmospheres. You can brush off the dirt from the filter and rinse it with water. In cases where the air filter is damaged for good, replacements will have to be made.

Lubricating other Mechanical Components:

Every mechanical component needs to work well if you want your bike in good condition. Keeping the parts lubricated regularly helps the bike function without trouble in the future. If this is not maintained, then certain parts can overheat. Worst case scenario is the part stops working and would require a replacement. So it’s pretty important to stay up to date with lubricating bike parts.

Maintaining Drive-trains:

This is a part of the system that keeps the transmission connected with the drive axles. This is the most intense routine checkup that checks out sprocket, chain tension, belt wearing out and oils levels in the housing shaft. These all are vital to the condition of the transmission and engine. The sprocket or chain can carry dirt and dust depending on the weather and atmosphere.

Keeping Tires Filled Right:

Tires need to be inspected mostly on a monthly basis. Tires with air leaking from it need to be replaced. Similarly, air levels in the tire need to be maintained and the same with air pressure. This all accounts up with the bike’s wheel performance and stability.

Checking Brake Fluid:

Brake fluid is very important in any vehicle. This fluid should always be replaced in time. It should be tightened so that there is no leak of brake fluid. It is very dangerous to ride a bike that has leaking brake fluids.

Checking Battery Regularly:

This is one the most vital parts that many riders overlook. The bike’s battery should always have charge and shouldn’t reach the point of exhaustion. Keeping the battery in check and maintaining it is a big bonus in enhancing the bike’s durability. You should keep a consistent check on the battery level and its charge. You should watch out for battery leaks and other sort of cases which will require a battery replacement.

If the above list is taken care of, your bike will at the best of its performance in the future.

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