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What are the Reasons Economic Cost of Education Provided in China?

1 – Economic Cost of Education Provided in China

The economic cost of education provided in China is one of the most lucrative reasons why an Indian student must consider studying MBBS in China however the country provides several other advantages as well.

2 – MBBS in China is Recognized Worldwide

The degree received from pursuing MBBS in China is recognized worldwide so a student must not worry about the value of the degree or the acceptance of their medical degree once they complete the course from a medical university in China.

3 – Do Not Take Part in Any Entrance Examination for Getting the Admissions

Chinese medical universities do not require the students to take part in any entrance examination for getting the admissions hence the students do not have to worry about that as well.

4 – Do Not Ask for Any Capitation for Donation Fees

The medical schools of China do not ask for any capitation for donation fees for giving admissions which is a common thing in private Indian medical colleges.

5 – Medical Universities Approved by MCI

There are many medical universities in China which are approved by the MCI (Medical Council of India) and all of them are government funded and receive grants from the government which is why their fee is very low.

6 – Government Gives Big Funding and Grants to Medical Universities of China

The Government of China gives big funding and grants to the top medical universities of China which are used for research purposes and the fees of these universities are also low.

7 – Cost of Living in China is Extremely Low and Economical

The cost of living in China is extremely low and economical and which is why China is considered as a financially viable option for the students who are looking to study MBBS in abroad.

8 – China Is Perfect Location to Study MBBS

For Indian medical aspirants, it is a perfect location to study MBBS as the country is very near to India which makes it easier for the Indian students to travel between the countries.

9 – Given Opportunities to Practice with a Lot of Patients

Also, because of the big population of China, the students are given opportunities to practice with a lot of patients which helps sharpen their skills.

10 – Thousands of Indian Medical Aspirants Currently Studying in China

Several thousands of Indian medical aspirants are currently studying in various universities across China.

11 – Yangzhou University Is Leading Medical University of China

Yangzhou University (YZU) of China is considered as one of the leading medical universities in the country. The university has a big and beautiful campus.

12 – World-Class Infrastructure Facilities in Yangzhou University

The world class infrastructure facilities in Yangzhou University (YZU) is one of the major reasons why study MBBS in China from Yangzhou University (YZU) has made a name for itself in the list of the world’s leading medical education institutions.

13 – Yangzhou University Is Recognized by WHO

The Yangzhou University (YZU) is accredited and recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) along with the MCI (Medical Council of India) and several international students study in the university which gives a multi culture environment and the students get to interact with lots of students from several countries and learn about their beautiful culture.

14 – Provided the Course without Any Extra Cost

The learning of the Chinese language is part of the MBBS program provided by all the medical universities of China and the students will be provided the course without any extra cost.

15 – Passing MCI Screening from Chinese Medical Universities Test Is Very High

The average passing ratio of the MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test from Chinese medical universities is very high and that is why Indian students rush to get admission to China.

16 – Training Provided According to MCI Standards

The students are provided training according to the MCI standards and this helps them in understanding the course and passing the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) test without any problems.

17 – Students Eligible to Practice their Degree in Other Countries after FMGE Test

The students are also eligible to practice their medical degree in other countries once they complete their MBBS from China.

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