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What is the Best Forex Trading iPhone App

Choosing the right broker to trade with is critical to your trading success. Yet with so many brokers offering services online it difficult to know which one to opt for. Some criteria which a trader would look for in a provider is more obvious, such as tight spreads, fast execution, ECN pricing. However, there are some other criteria which are also extremely important but may be overlooked.

Trading mobile Apps make staying on top of market events and news, and trading on the go, so much easier. At any one point in the day, we are rarely without our smartphones. More and more trades are being made through a mobile app, as traders realise the benefits of having such close access to the markets.

With this in mind, it is so important to choose a broker that not only has tight spreads, ECN pricing, fast execution and transparency, but also an excellent online trading app.

MT4 Trading App

The most popular way to trade forex is through MetaTrader4, or MT4 as it is also known. You may have heard of MT4, in a nutshell, it is the most popular retail forex trading platform across the globe.

MT4 also have a mobile trading app which is recognised as one of the best in the industry, if not THE best. This apps offers everything you need for successful trading, such as comprehensive sets of orders, trading history, interactive charts and technical analysis tools. All of this available on your handheld device. This means that you the trader, are able to setup and implement your personal trading strategy in the most precise way, whilst being away from your computer.

How can I access the MT4 mobile app?

Vantage FX is a world-leading, award-winning forex broker, based in Australia. It is regulated by the AISC. Vantage FX are an ECN forex broker, so their spreads are among the best in the industry, they offer direct market access to highly liquid forex markets, whilst also providing exceptional levels of transparency. Furthermore, they have powerful, user-friendly platforms, including a trading app.

Vantage FX offers it clients the official MetaTrader4 or MetaTrader5 mobile apps, which can be used either on android, the iPhone or iPad. By opening an account with Vantage FX, you can trade their tight spreads and exceptional execution through the world wide renowned MT4 mobile trading app.

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