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Which Lehenga Choli Will Suit Your Body Type?

Lehenga Choli is the most popular outfit all around the globe. It is the traditional outfit of India. Indian women love to wear lehenga on special occasions and festivals. The outfit has a special significance for Indian brides.

For decades this outfit is worn in the Asian-subcontinent as traditional wear. The three-piece attire looks ravishing and very beautiful when a lady wears it. The elegance and grace of a woman in lehenga are undoubtedly the best.

It is difficult to choose the best one from so many patterns and styles of lehenga. Every girl wants to wear the best lehenga on special occasions but the question arises that how to choose the perfect one for yourself.

The best way to select the most appropriate lehenga is to choose it according to your body type. The best get up of the outfit is seen on a body that perfectly matched with the outfit.

Every girl is beautiful whether she is tall or short, slim or bubbly or of any other body shape. A girl can wear any type of lehenga as per her choice and she will definitely look gorgeous. But there are some patterns that look more beautiful on a particular body type as the pattern of the lehenga is defined clearly when it is worn by that girl. Let us see which lehenga suits you the best.

Rectangular shaped body:

When the width of your shoulder and that of the waist are the same then you define a rectangle-shaped or straight shaped body.

You indicate an H shaped body and the best thing is that you can choose any pattern of lehenga. Mostly every pattern will look gorgeous on you. The most preferred pattern for you will be the flared or paneled type of lehenga.

Flared and paneled lehengas have several pleats and panels that give the skirt a nice round and heavy flare. The bottom of the lehenga is heavy and it will provide a nice volume to the lehenga.

A broad neck blouse will look perfect on you as you have broad shoulders and your sleeves should be two fourth that is above the elbow. Pair your dupatta in a nice style and get a
ravishing look.

Hourglass-shaped body:

When you have a well-defined waist or in simple words, your legs and upper body are probably of the same width then you define an hourglass body. Every pattern suits your body type. A-line lehenga, mermaid lehenga, paneled lehenga, and many more other lehengas look perfect on you.

The A-line lehenga has a skirt that resembles the pattern narrow from the waist and broad from the bottom. The mermaid and paneled lehenga also have a broad bottom. Basically a lehenga that is flared and broad from the bottom suits best to you.

The shoulders of the hourglass are slightly rounded and two-fourth or three-fourth sleeves look ravishing on them. You can drape a lehenga in different styles to get a more attractive look.

Apple-shaped body:

When you have a heavy shoulder and bust as compared to your waist then you define an apple-shaped or inverted triangle body. Trail and A-line lehengas best suits to these bodies. To get a proper look wear a skirt that is broad from the bottom.

It will match properly with your upper body. Wear it on special occasions or weddings and get a gorgeous look. If you are willing to get a modern look then you can ditch your dupatta while wearing a trail lehenga you can pair a crop top with it and you will absolutely look the best.

You can drape the dupatta in different styles with your A-line hem lehenga. Drape it in saree style and get a perfect traditional look. Wear beautiful accessories and be the best at the party.

Round shaped body:

If you have a fuller body with wide bust, narrow waists, and thighs then you are a round-shaped girl. It means that you are a chubby girl. A straight lehenga or mermaid lehenga will be perfect for you.

You will look gorgeous in fishtail lehenga or sharara lehenga as they define your body properly. They are flared from the bottom and fitted from the waist. Pair a designer and heavy blouse with a simple neck and long sleeves to get an entirely glorious look.

You can drape the dupatta in saree style or just hang the dupatta on one shoulder and left it open, it will give you a wonderful and attractive look.

Diamond-shaped body:

If you have broader hips than shoulders, narrow waist, and a fuller waistline then you define a diamond-shaped body. Flared or a paneled lehenga will be your best choice. The flare will give a nice look to the bottom of your body.

You can pair an off-shoulder blouse with your lehenga or a blouse with a boat neck. Different patterns of blouse and sleeves will look ravishing on you. Experiment with your dupatta and get a nice look.

Drape your dupatta in a pleated style loose from the waist or drape it in saree style to get a traditional Indian look.

Lehenga is an outfit that looks best on each and every lady. You can wear any style of lehenga and just see to it that the pattern that suits your body type. To get a proper look from the bottom wear heels. Heels will define the design of your skirt perfectly.

For a modern look wear limited accessories and if you are willing to get a traditional look the wear different Indian accessories like bangles, necklaces, anklets, bindi, maang tikka, and rings.

If you are in love with lehenga and want to buy lehenga choli then you can do wholesale lehenga and you can get a great discount online.

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