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Why choose Robocopy alternatives for file migration?

Copying files and folders from one place to another or from one directory to another is an easy thing to do. We often copy paste files or move files to removable disk or external hard drives and phones as we need. Small files are easy to copy and do not show errors most of the time. At times when you try to copy an opened file is does shows an error but you can simply close it and get going with the task.

When it comes to copying a large number of file, or moving an entire directory from source to destination, the process requires in a lot of time and your presence to make sure that the errors and warnings gets answered. Because if the errors are not taken care of the copying pauses for unlimited period of time. You continuously need to pay attention towards errors like the path is too long and required to be modified or the file you are trying to copy is open somewhere in the background or is under use, or maybe there is a file with the exact name in the destination folder and of you want to replace it or not copy the same.

These errors are okay if you have just one or two files to copy but when you are copying in bulk then handling these errors becomes frustrating and time taking. Copy pasting or moving files and folders must be a job that you just click and go around doing other jobs you have and when you come back the work is already finished!

Robocopy alternatives make sure that copying and moving files, folders or directory from one machine to another becomes a one click thing to do. The user interface of Robocopy alternatives is based on a feature that requires least interference of the user. The user needs to do the effortless job of just selecting the data to be copied and select the destination folder and click on copy. The software overcomes every error of its own and does not require the user to guide the movement of the files and data.

Features of Robocopy alternatives

  • Replicates on byte level– this ensures that you do not have to forcefully copy the entire file or folder. You can be selective in this method and copy only a portion of the directory as needed.
  • Synchronizes files on the go– in case the software gets in term with a file that has a really big path name, it synchronizes it while copying the same eliminating any sort of erroneous notifications.
  • Imports bulk orders– the Robocopy alternatives does not have any size or amount restriction. One can copy thousands of folders all together or can copy one folder as required.
  • Passes all grading systems– this is approved software for transferring files or can also be used for storing data in the cloud so that it can be recovered when needed. It passes all sorts of tests including automatic working, elasticity and secured transfer of files.