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Why Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is the best career option for IT graduates?

For the last couple of years, IT graduates have come to the bearing that it is with the learning of a new skill their career graph would go up. When we come to think of it, the progress our country has witnessed in the last few years is amazing. However, we see some halts at a few places. When you take a closer look at them, you will come to realise it is because a lot of job positions are still vacant due to shortage of professionals with desired skill sets.

Many people wonder why Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is the best career option for IT graduates. Let us decode the reason. First, almost 70% Indian companies have deployed AI or Artificial Intelligence enabled solutions since the end of 2019. Hence, to say that more jobs have been created in the sector of Artificial Intelligence for those who are rightly qualified will be an understatement.

Second, the demand for qualified and certified data science professionals has witnessed a 400% increase across the plethora of industries. This increase is a result of the unfulfilled demand of professionals.

Keeping the mind both the points, thousands and thousands of jobs, in both the fields of data science and artificial intelligence are vacant today. In order to be able to become a fit for any of these job positions, you have to have the right qualifications, certification, and training. This is the primary reason why Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is the best career options for IT graduates.

Which you choose of the two depends entirely on you. Based on your inclinations and interests, you can go for either. However, to make your vision a little clearer, here is a list of top career options which you can pursue in Artificial Intelligence and in Data Science course with job guarantee.

Top Career Paths you can choose in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Even to begin to describe how much Artificial Intelligence has altered the way we do things will not cover everything. All our actions and directions have paved the society and today, we have seen alterations to the point where they have become indistinguishable. The ability to ask questions and get answers vocally, unlocking our phones with our face image, getting our spam pre-sorted are some of the basic, yet unnoticed examples of how much artificial intelligence has affected our lives.

An IT graduate will be more than aware of what artificial intelligence is, they will be in awe. As more and more things viable with the oncoming and expansion of artificial intelligence, more jobs are created which are just waiting to be filled up by people who have the right qualification. Here is a list of the top career options you can pursue in artificial intelligence:

1 – Data Analytics – When we think of data analytics, we automatically think of data science. However, data analytics is also a big and significant aspect of artificial intelligence. It is when you get trained in artificial intelligence that you can make a successful career in data analytics.

2 – Natural Language Processing – When we talk about Artificial Intelligence, it is impossible to exclude predictive texting or virtual assistants or chatbots. The central reason is that some of the most popular and highly used applications of AI today orbit around language. Human speech has been replicated in multiple tools with AI and having a career in the same is possible.

3 – Software Engineering – Artificial Intelligence needs programs on which their tools will function. This is made possible by traditional computer science role bearers like software engineering.

4 – User Experience (UX) – In order for anything to be a hit, there has to an audience to make use of it. For better access and usage, the consumer has to fully understand its function and it should be easy to use. This is where user experience comes into question. Become a User Experience specialist to aid in the growing technology.

5 – Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science Research – While many top careers are more ‘active’ and about being in the field, a career in Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science research will give you the option of discovering and finding out ways in which to advance the technology itself. You will be the mind and soul behind the advancements when you choose research.

Top Career Paths you can choose in Data Science

Glassdoor has named Data Science has the number one job in the United States fourth year in row now. Not only this, the employment in data science is expected to grow a staggering 30% in the coming few years. The main reason for the same is not just the fact that the industry is thriving but also the point that qualified data scientists are at a shortage.

Data Science needs no introduction. However, the question as to why data science and artificial intelligence is the best career options for IT graduates does need to be addressed. We have already talked about the top career paths you can choose in artificial intelligence and now we are about the explore the top career paths you can choose in data science. Let us take a look:

1 – Data Scientist – The job of a data scientist is to find and organize data of an organization. Once done, you will be responsible for analysing huge amounts of raw and processed data for the end purpose of finding patterns to benefit the company. Your conclusions will make or break an organization.

2 – Machine Learning Scientist – With the inclusion of unsupervised, supervised, and deep learning techniques, your job will be to research new algorithms and data approaches. A machine leaning scientist also goes with other titles like Research Engineer and Research Scientist.

3 – Data Engineer – As a data engineer, you job will be to build and maintain data pipelines that create a data ecosystem which is strong and well interconnected throughout the organization. You will be performing real time processing or batch processing on the data which is previously gathered and stored.

4 – Machine Learning Engineer – In order to become a machine learning engineer, you will have to have strong programming and statistical skills. Also, you should have knowledge of software engineering. You will also be responsible for creating data funnels as well as delivering software solutions.

5 – Data Analyst – As we pointed above, the role of a data analyst is mostly associated with data science and it is for a reason. Become a data analyst to manipulate and transform large data sets to fit the desired analysis.


We hope this blog will have answered some of your questions around why Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is the best career option for IT graduates via the top career choices for each. There are many more career options and many more pros as well as cons for both. Based on your best fit and what suits you the best, you can go for either of the said skills.

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