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Why go to Bali Weight Loss Resort?

Weight is a worrying factor for all ages. Hundreds of solutions are available to reduce or manage the weight. This is one of the interesting solutions. Are you wondering how this Bali Weight Loss Resort is different? It turns out to be holiday destination too!

A better place to heal your meals and structure it, to gain a better shape. There is a lot of people who are part of Bali community. They earned the fresh start.

Bali resort

It is popularly known as a health resort. Bali Weight Loss retreat is located on Bali island in Indonesia. In Bali, it is built in Ubud. Ubud is known as health capital. It is a wonderful place where one can also peak at the spiritual experience. They have well designed and structured weight loss program.

Their process for cleansing and detoxification are proprietary and formulated in Switzerland. It is placed to enjoy the vibrant culture along will the detox treatment. The resort offers wide luxurious price at a highly structured price.

This place is a complete package of green filled nature, adventurous places, five-star rated accommodation, relaxing setting, evening resort, magnificent historic carvings and cultural nights.


They offer better services and Luxurious room, which are structured into three categories-

• Villa stays-

One can rest in luxurious spirit and meanwhile practice a healthy lifestyle to pull down the weight. These are four-star rated accommodation. Private swimming pool, Balinese styled bathtub and Jacuzzi. It has various amenities like fast Wi-Fi, coffee- tea maker for coffee/ tea lovers, Refrigerator, hairdryer, bathrobe, safe box and many other.

• Deluxe stay-

The level of comfortable available in this grade is well suited for singles or couples. It includes much-needed facilities- speed Wi-Fi, hair dryer, coffee and tea maker, safe box and much more.

• Superior stay-

This package offers the best comfort at least price. It has got a comfortable bed. It always has a high demand for singles. It has access to onsite swimming pool and other luxurious and relaxation area.

This resort aims to find the desired place which you are looking for. If you are not happy with the comfort and luxurious, they aid and book you a place surrounding the resort at best price. Basically one can conclude that you will find all the comfort you need and get a comfortable fresh start. They even offer Airport pickup and drop facilities.

Detox your toxic

Their programs focus on creating the best version of yourself. At the end of the program, they ensure that your takeaway are-a set of well-justified and well-bonded better strategy to have a balanced life with long lasting happiness. You will be a well- sculpted sculpture for another enthusiast. They teach stuff about healthy food and even consume it without starving.

On upcoming days of the program, you will realize the difference between starving- losing weight and not starving- losing weight. They rapidly burn your fat, using the proprietary cleanses of Traditional Chinese medicine, which is formulated in Switzerland.

You will get to know the ancient secret oh healing the body. Healing massages, ancient holistic massages, fun-fitness, yoga-fitness and rejuvenating natural spa are the various part of the program.

The various massages are- Body wrapping, hot stone styled treatments, reflexology, organic facials, lymphatic massages, special-sacred of Bali island, that is wellness massages and other holistic treatments.

Fun activities are- cultural experiences, sunset and sunrise walks, trips around the places of Ubud, ceremonies and all kinds of exciting and adventurous things.

Food program has a menu of raw and organic food. This vegan foodshed your weight along with that makes you fit and healthier.

After the daily routine of following the process of program one can relax at swimming pool and attend a cultural program at night.

Budget for new getup

Programs are classified based on the budget and the number of days-

• Fast weight loss-

The budget for this program is 725 dollars. It is a 3 days’ program. The program focuses on losing weight in fast track mode.

• Sunrise weight loss-

The program last for the weekend. The results of this weight program are good. One can enjoy the feast of all organic and cultural shows. A happy sunrise walk becomes your memorable treatment. This costs around 1275 dollars.

• A new beginning-

The There program is powered with a comprehensive method to lose a substantial amount of weight. It gives your life a special feeling and meaning. The plan is scheduled for 10 days. The budget of this program is 1750 dollars.

• Life changing loss-

This program title itself looks like a boon to people. The technique and process give a complete idea and mechanism involve in losing weight. You end up being master and can spill the beans to other people who are desperate to become fit. The program lasts for 14 days. The program comes with a price tag of 2450 dollars

• Weight loss-

These can be regarded as the crown of transformation. One learns more than the weight loss. The person will know his body and learns the lifestyle of a diet-yogi. This program includes everything related to well-balanced fit and healthy program that rest on the island. This beautiful program is enjoyed for 21 days. The price of the program is 3350 dollars.

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