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Why is Advanced Equipment Needed for Micro Coil Winding?

Transformer industries frequently need different wire or coils types for manufacturing products of various types. These coils have a particular set of requirements when winding them, which depends on how these will be utilized. This is where micro coil winding equipment plays a crucial role.

Whenever such machines are used for wire winding, there are several major aspects which should be taken into consideration. The factors which one should consider are wire tension, cutting of coils, hooking wires, de-sloping, traversing, number of loops, etc.

Advanced equipment

A company which has modern and sophisticated machines easily overcomes the factors above. Automated and computerized works have made everything these days errorless and quite easy too. Advanced functionalities of machines along with standard accessories such as tensioner unit, stand that holds pool, coil guidance to adequately layering wires, etc.

Hence, all these ensure that when a wire is winded, every issue related to it can easily be handled by using such machines along with all of its essential accessories. Such advanced equipment also helps in eliminated the chance of unwanted wire breakage as well as any other issues that are related to the winding process.

Moreover, such advanced machines offer reliable and error-free windings, which are a critical requirement for heavy-duty or medium coils. Thus, the transformer industry receives high benefit from these machines, which offer remarkable wire winding, which is used in various industrial as well as medical devices for accurate results.

Why are these machines used in coil winding?

Companies use such advanced equipment so that wire winding can be used for the linear or toroidal type that may be without bobbin, which is an open type or bobbin kind. These machines aid in meeting winded coils requirement based on the application where it will be used.

These equipment types come in various models, which helps in micro coil winding that is used for devices in various sectors. These coils are available for handling wire sizes of 0 – 50 AWG. The winding length these machines offer is up to 500 mm and the coil diameter is also 500 mm. These machines come with updated software which helps in meeting the demands of customers who require such highly winded coils for their devices.

Increasing demand of winded coils

The demand for winded wires is increasing on a daily basis. Due to every medical and industrial device requiring this product, more efficient ways are sought after to offer the best winded coils to customers.

Without having accurate winded coils many procedures in medical and industrial field would stop as each device has some type of winded wires in it. Hence, its demand will keep increasing as time passes and product quality will keep getting better.

Hence, whenever you are opting for such wires ensure that the company you are purchasing it from are using modern and advanced micro coil winding equipment for manufacturing such products. It will help you have the best outcome for your products.

So, keep all these in mind when buying micro coils the next time!

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