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Womaniyaz – An initiative taken by Rekha Yadav

The lockdown has brought back in us our hidden talent. People usually lack, Initiation, motivation. But as lots of negativity have appeared on the surface, so has the positivity.

People were self-motivated enough to initiate things of their own whether it was trying new recipes or pursuing their hobbies and they played it well. One among so many the talents is Mrs. Rekha yadav. She is the founder, creator ans sponsor of a Facebook page that runs by the name of WOMANIYAZ. She is one of the highly talented and self-motivated lady who follows her passion ans strongly believe in her dreams.

She created this group on 24th July 2020. It was only during this Covid-19 lockdown that she thought of floating not just a page but a group followed and run by its female members. Here events are organized on a weekly basis and a fair decision is made by the Jury. Later gifts are sent to the winners in every contest. All members take part enthusiastically.

The motive behind this whole concept is to break the shackles of daily household chores and engage in fulfilled activities. Females are the front leaders in this group. With the sole motive to encourage oneself and friends joining and liking the page and group and participating in amazing contests held by none other than MRS.REKHA YADAV. She might seem to be a person running the entire group by herself and conducting the activities but nothing would have been possible without her husband Mr. Devender Yadav and their son Arnav.

Obviousally family support is the utmost thing. Mrs. Rekha’s motive strive towards maximization i.e. “Maximum women to hunt their innovation, creation but obvious participation.”Initially it was a difficult job to put things together and convince people that mostly went one-to-one follow up. But as the days passed and ladies started showing their interest in those captivating contests it soon became popular.


It’s only been few weeks and thousands of women have joined this group and contests. But as it is said by Mrs.Rekha Yadav “I have a long runway to go.” We wish her good luck and all the participants.